Commander Raúl Alfaro warned that he wanted to “break up” Peru’s National Police

General Raúl Enrique Alfaro Alvarado is appointed as the new commander general of the PNP. (PRP)

The new Head of the PNP, Raúl Alfaropointed out that the institution he heads is under attack and weakened by recent political decisions affecting its calm and stability.

In the same way, during the ceremony dedicated to the day of Santa Rosa, a procedural event celebrated every year in the Cathedral of Lima, he pointed out that in recent months they have experienced difficult situations that are harmful to people National Police of Peru.

As you remember, on this Tuesday, August 30th, the President of the Republic, Pedro Castilloapproved a change in PNP high command for the fifth time.

In this way, the new chief of police warned that he wanted to “break up” the institution, citing the complaint against Colonel Harvey ColchadoHead of the elite police team that assists prosecutors in their investigations and investigations into the Peruvian President’s environment.

Harvey Colchado was denounced by Pedro Castillo (Andean Agency).

“We have to face difficult situations, we live in difficult situations. Where our institution is under attack. They want to permanently break the various forces, but the police have always maintained their solidity,” said Raúl Alfaro.

“The National Police of Peru he has kept his fighting spirit, he has kept his reverential, humble attitude and that in the face of the mandates of our Creator Father,” added the Colonel.

He also claimed that he could state with absolute conviction that police officers are “sons of God” and that they serve “a single master who does what he is commanded”.

“We are called to bring peace into society, to meet helpless people with love, people who suffer crimes, who are attacked, who are in danger every day. The police are there where almost nobody wants to be,” he said.

Pedro Castillo and Harvey Colchado are facing court cases.

Likewise, a video was shared on the official networks of the National Police of Peru with some statements by the commanders, accompanied by a message of support.

We are called to bring national peace! Our General Commander @PolicePeruRaúl Enrique Alfaro Alvarado said that the police are called to treat helpless people with love and to be present where no one wants to be,” they published.

After the August 30th celebration of Santa Rosa de Lima Day organized by the PNP, various personalities and authorities, including the President of the Congress of the Republic, Lady Camonescriticized the lack of authorities such as the head of state and the prime minister.

For Camones, respect is over National Police of Peru must always be there. “What can we say about that, respect for everything National Police must always be and above all in the authorities,” according to the legislator.

As one recalls, they did not participate Interior Minister Willy Huertanor the vice president Dina Boluarte.

The Congress President criticized the authorities for not attending the PNP ceremony.

He was an hour and a half late. The head of the PNP special team in support of the prosecution, Harvey Colchado He had an appointment for August 31 at 9:30 a.m. but was seen at around 11 a.m. at the facilities of the General Inspectorate of the National Police of Peru.

This meeting was arranged after President Pedro Castillo’s lawyer indicted an alleged felony in the government palace raid when they tried to arrest the President’s sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes.

Those who walked “on time” to the door of the National Police complex on Aramburú Avenue in Surquillo were a group of about 20 protesters carrying placards with messages for Harvey Colchado .


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