“Comes from my childhood”: Daniela Katzenberger is terrified of poverty

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“Dates from my childhood”
Daniela Katzenberger is terrified of poverty

As a child, Daniela Katzenberger heard her mother cry secretly in the kitchen at night when money was running out again.” This difficult time has “left scars,” the reality star says in an interview. It is therefore important to her that her daughter also learns to deal with money.

Reality star Daniela Katzenberger is usually as colorful as she is squeaky happy. But there are also fears and worries in the life of “the cat” that prevent her from sleeping at night. The 36-year-old has now admitted to Bild am Sonntag: “I’ve had an incredible panic about being poor since I was a kid. […] This fear is deep within me, it stems from my childhood. I really need to go to therapy!”

Due to the current situation with sharply increased energy and other housing costs, this primal fear has now surfaced ‘double and triple’. The reason: As a child, she grew up feeling constant lack. My mother was a single parent with three children, we lived in social housing, often didn’t even have enough money for the next electricity bill. was suddenly too dark in the cabin at times.” Her mother, Iris Klein, who is also in the public eye, did everything she could to make sure the three children “didn’t notice their concerns”.

‘Sophia also has to drive a bus’

However, Klein could not always hide her despair from her daughter. She often heard her mother cry secretly in the kitchen at night when money was tight again. That was difficult and has left scars on me to this day.’ For the star, however, it also contained some sort of motivation, as she reveals: “My fear of becoming poor has always been my engine.”

It is all the more important for Katzenberger and her husband Lucas Cordalis that their daughter Sophia learns to handle money well. The seven-year-old must not fall for the misconception that financially things are always going well. “How is Sophia going to live alone and take care of herself if she knows that you can always get everything? Sophia should also ride the bus and learn that toys cost a lot of money that you have to work for.”

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