Comeback after career break: Jürgen Drews is back on the podium

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Comeback after career break
Jürgen Drews is back on the podium

In July, Jürgen Drews announces the end of his career. But now the “King of Mallorca” surprises the fans with a performance in the “ZDF TV Garden”. The 77-year-old suffers from a nerve disease that limits his mobility. Yet he does it “stunningly”, assures the Schlager star.

A few weeks ago, Jürgen Drews announced that he will be leaving the podium soon. But now he has once again surprised the audience and viewers in front of the TV sets. Drews performed to a standing ovation at the “ZDF TV Garden”.

Moderator Andrea Kiewel had asked those present to stand up if possible, “because now there is a surprise guest that we have not announced. A huge applause, a warm welcome to Her Majesty, the King of Mallorca, our Uncle Jürgen, the legend, the one and only: Jürgen Drews.”

The singer was received with cheers. “All I can say is I’m fine,” Drews said. He joked, “Maybe I should have stopped more often, I’ve never had such success.” The two then reminisced a little.

“I will always remember you”

In July 1989, Drews made his TV Garden debut. “Somewhere, somewhere, somehow (we’ll meet again),” he sang at the time. He also sang the song during today’s performance. “Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other someday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll always remember you,” Drews said after the song. Then he also agreed to his hit song “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”.

The “King of Mallorca” announced in July that he would end his career. “Because I am at an age where others have long retired, I also said to myself: one day it will be all right,” he said, among other things, in a clip on the show “The Big Schlager Beach Party 2022 – Here we go again! ” narrated by Florian Silbereisen.

Last year, Drews revealed that he suffers from polyneuropathy, a neurological condition that limits his ability to move. His last show, also “at Florian”, should be seen in the autumn.

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