Combi fell from the second floor on Mexico-Pachuca Avenue, injuring 19 people, some seriously

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This Saturday morning there was a serious accident with 19 injuriessome seriously, as a pickup truck on Route 68 overturned and fell from the second floor of Mexico-Pachuca Avenue onto Acueducto Avenue just before reaching the Indios Verdes Wall.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals such as Madgalena de las Salinas and Rubén Leñero.

The station wagon was traveling from the state of Mexico to Gustvo A. Madero’s Mayor’s office in Mexico City. Initial reports indicate that he was speeding and collided with a tanker truck, causing him to lose control and falling about 20 meters with Insurgentes on Avenida Acueducto.

The unit was overturned with tires raised and it was reported that among the injured were minors who would be among the seriously injured.

Information in development…

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