CJNG, the group that would be behind the violence that started the terror in Orizaba

Faustin "N" He was among those arrested by the authorities following the confrontations recorded in Orizaba.  (Photos: Twitter/@@Elblogdelosgua1/@Alondra_Beni)
Faustino “N” was one of those arrested by the authorities after the clashes in Orizaba. (Photos: Twitter/@@Elblogdelosgua1/@Alondra_Beni)

After the day of violence experienced in the center of Orizaba, VeracruzState authorities announced that two people had been arrested and another killed. Among those arrested were identified Faustino “N”, alias The Tinoalleged member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Hugo Gutierrez Maldonado, the company’s public security secretary, was responsible for reporting the results of the security forces’ operation. He explained this in the audio message he shared on social networks The Tino worked for the momregional leader of the Four Letter Cartel.

At the time of his arrest The Tino He carried a long gun and a frag grenade.. Although the Orizaba City Council, headed by Juan Manuel Diez Francos, reported that “the city has returned to normal,” security forces said the operation would remain active in the early hours of this Tuesday morning to “restore order in the city Area.”

Gutiérrez Maldonado did not identify the other person arrested or the suspected criminal, who was neutralized during the clashes.

In addition to the Veracruz SSP, the Minister of the Navy (Semar), the Minister of Defense (Sedena) and the National Guard (GN) were involved in the operation to restore calm in Orizaba.

It is believed that El Tino could be one of the two suspected assassins who, after taking part in the shooting, fled to a home and called for state police agents to withdraw after they said they would turn themselves in.

“I will surrender, but the state police will kill me […] I just ask her to leave and I will give myself up, we are two companions,” reads a first live broadcast on social networks.

“Let the navy come,” demanded the alleged perpetrators.

After two hours of shooting, one of the suspected members of the CJNG, in a face-to-face meeting with security officials, stated that they would only turn themselves over to “Jonathan Martínez and the Guardia Civil”.

The officers then informed him that they would make them available to the prosecutor’s office, whereupon the alleged killer asked in a trembling voice: “Are you going to hit me?”.

Information in development…

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