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SANTIAGO (AP) – Chilean political parties resumed negotiations on Friday to outline a new constitutional process that will end with a new Magna Carta, less than three weeks after a majority of voters rejected another project proposed by was written in a convention dominated by left-wing forces.

Talks resumed after a 10-day hiatus sparked by anger from the right-wing opposition after the ruling party reported initial agreements had been reached, which opponents denied.

The ruling party and opposition are determined that a democratically elected body will draft a new basic charter to replace the one imposed by a military dictatorship in 1981. The previous trial ended after 62% of voters on September 4 rejected a proposal drafted for a year by a convention of 117 conventional left or centre-left supporters and 27 members of the opposition.

At Friday’s session, the opposition presented a virtual statement of principles including their claim that the new text will ensure “the unity” of the Chilean state, the existence of a congress with a chamber of deputies and another chamber of senators, and that citizens have freedom to choose among among other things, to select your preferred education, health and pension topics.

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