Charles receives state guests: Biden bids farewell to the queen’s coffin

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Charles receives state guests
Biden bids farewell to the queen’s coffin

Representatives from hundreds of countries travel to London to attend Elizabeth II’s funeral. US President Biden personally bids farewell to the Queen at Westminster Hall. In the evening, like other guests, he is received by King Charles. There is also a minute of silence.

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill personally bid Elizabeth II farewell at her coffin lined up in the British Parliament. In the early evening, television footage showed the Democratic politician and the First Lady of the United States watching the casket in silence from a podium on the edge of Westminster Hall. The American president crossed himself. Previously, the President of the European Commission was Ursula von der Leyen and the Spanish King Felipe VI. farewell to Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall.

The couple were accompanied by US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jane Hartley. Shortly afterwards, the convoy left Parliament. Jill Biden waved to the people gathered by the side of the road. Both then signed the condolence register at Lancaster House. Biden praised the queen as “decent” and “honorable”. “It’s a loss that leaves a huge hole,” he said. Sometimes you think you’ll never get over the loss, said Biden, who once again spoke of his mother in connection with the Queen. “But as I told the king, she will be with him every step of the way.” The Queen has always stood for treating people with dignity. She always conveyed the “idea of ​​service”.

Heads of state and government from around the world traveled to London this weekend for the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday. Germany is represented by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. On Sunday evening there was a reception by King Charles III. planned for Biden, the Japanese Emperor Naruhito and hundreds of other officials and dignitaries. A minute’s silence was to be observed for the Queen at 9pm BST Sunday evening after a single gong from Big Ben in the UK.

Ardern: New Zealand will abolish the monarchy

The coffin of the queen, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, has been in parliament since Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands took the opportunity to pay their respects to their monarch, queuing for hours in a line for miles. The public showing should not end until Monday morning. However, no new mourners could line up in the early Sunday afternoon because they would not reach Westminster Hall in time.

King Charles first received Australian Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for an audience. “You can tell it means a lot to him to see the sheer magnitude of people’s feelings for the late Queen,” Ardern told the BBC. At the same time, she indicated the challenges facing the royal family: she expects New Zealand to abolish the monarchy “while I’m still alive”.

The first curious were already camping around Westminster Abbey to get a good seat as the coffin is driven through London. Northern Ireland teacher EJ Kelly and his friends secured a front row seat on the processional route between Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. “It’s wonderful to see it on TV, but being here is something completely different,” said the 46-year-old, who was outfitted with a camping chair, warm clothes and an extra pair of socks.

Funeral at Windsor Castle

Charles and his son Prince William surprised people who queued for miles in front of Westminster Hall on Saturday with a visit. The crowd cheered the king and his eldest son as they thanked the mourners for their condolences. The Royal Family also returned to Westminster Hall to wake up – on Friday evening the King and his three siblings, on Saturday evening Elizabeth II’s eight grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Charles’ wife Camilla, who now bears the title of King’s Consort, paid tribute to the Queen’s lifelong achievement. She went on as the only woman in a male-dominated world and had to shape her role herself at a time when there were no female heads of government or presidents, she told a television station.

Following the funeral service at Westminster Abbey on Monday afternoon, the coffin containing the Queen’s remains will be taken to Windsor Castle in a final solemn procession. The funeral will take place there with the royal family. The Queen’s funeral ceremonies take place under enormous security measures – for the London police it is the largest operation in their history.

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