“Change for the family”: The king has a sentence for Harry and Meghan

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“Change for the Family”
The king has a sentence for Harry and Meghan

In his first speech, the new king Charles III spoke. the closest relatives in words. After cementing Camilla’s role as the king’s consort and proudly using his son William as the “Prince of Wales”, he finally gets to Harry and Meghan.

The new king Charles III. In his first address to his subjects, he explained the functions that the closest members of his family would perform under his rule. “This is also a time of change for my family,” he begins.

First, the king discusses the role of his wife Camilla and emphasizes their 17-year marriage. The king then declares that he is proud to make his son William the “Prince of Wales”. He points to the many years that he himself carried the title. Charles was the “Prince of Wales” from 1958 until his mother’s death. The King also emphasizes the role of William’s wife Catherine (“Kate”) at his side and expresses his belief that the two will play an important role in the national dialogue.

Last but not least, Charles also talks about his son Harry, who retired a few years ago, and his wife Meghan. Although Charles devotes only one sentence to the two, the central word in this sentence is “love”.

The voice is soft and loving

“I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build lives abroad,” the 73-year-old said in the recorded speech at Buckingham Palace. He points out that they are family, he loves them, but they will continue to live in North America by choice. As in the rest of the speech, the king’s voice is soft and loving.

This is especially evident in the references to his mother. King Charles III begins his first speech to his subjects. namely concerning his mother and also ends them. Right at the beginning of the speech, he emphasizes that Elizabeth II was an unprecedented inspiration to him and his family “all her life.” He expresses his deep gratitude for their service to the Commonwealth countries.

At the end, he turns to his late mother with very personal, touching words: “My dear mother, as you embark on your last great journey to my dear late father, I just want to say one thing: thank you, thank you for your love. and dedication to our family and to all the nations you have served so diligently over the years.”

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