Cervantes, Newton, Da Vinci and Michelangelo: “fags” from the closet imposed by history

The official story has not revealed the true sexuality of various prominent men from the world of art, science and politics such as Isaac Newton, Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci.  The book "Great gays of history" finally manages to get her out of the closet.
The official story has not revealed the true sexuality of various prominent men from the world of art, science and politics such as Isaac Newton, Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. The book “Great Fags of History” finally manages to get them out of the closet.

That Miguel de Cervantes That he was a converted Jew was only dead in his mid-20s,” the book says Great gays of historywho also fetches from the closet Isaac Newton Y Miguel Angel.

Alvaro J Sanjuanknown as Otto Mas, is the creator of the Great Fags of History podcast and the one responsible for turning it into a book (Plan B) this Biographies that bring to light the sexual condition of 17 men whose homosexuality has not been transcended until the middle of the last century.

“Although his contemporaries knew about it, it was lost to history because It wasn’t comfortable that big characters like Leonardo Da Vinci were gayand only in the 20th century do we know this information from his letters and other documents that indicate that he was homosexual,” Sanjuán Efe assures in an interview.

“Malicious Things”

This, as published in the book, happened to the author of Don Quixoteas the French researcher also noted Louis Combet in his studio Cervantes or the uncertainties of desirea document in which he describes what happened during his imprisonment in Algiers.

A theory about his homosexuality, based on the fact that the writer was not killed after his four escape attempts from two different masters, which happened during a prisoner’s escape attempt.

Álvaro J. Sanjuán, known in networks as Otto Mas, started the idea with the podcast "Great gays of history"which later became the book of the same name.
Álvaro J. Sanjuán, known on networks as Otto Mas, started the idea with the Great Fags of History podcast, which he later adapted into the book of the same name.

Despite the fact that the theories suggest they did not kill him for “commercial good”, there are other scholars to whom the author turned, such as the French Cervantists Jean CanavaggioWho says that If he survived, it was because of the “carnal deal” he had with his captor, the Pasha of Algiers, Hasan Pasha.

When Cervantes returned to Spain, the author continues, The writer was accused of committing “malicious, ugly and dishonest things” in Algiers.

But there are also other references to the author’s “bisexuality or homosexuality” attributed to other documents such as the poem Lope deVega this questions his masculinity or the fact of being a regular at casinos where “prostitutes were common”.

“The Cervantists are beginning to study the environments through which he moved, and certain episodes suggest he was bisexual or homosexual, but it was not left written because it was a death sentence‘ he concludes.

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With the aim of “getting references for the homosexual group out of the closet”, Sanjuán also uses “colloquial” language to review the biographies of other “fags” such as e.g Michelangelo, whose great-nephew changed the gender of the protagonists in his great-uncle’s poems.

Or how the “deliberate” destruction of documents hid the Danish writer’s homosexuality from history until the second half of the last century Hans Christian Andersen or the first President of the United States, george washington.

“In the 20th century, with the rise of secularism, researchers found evidence in thousands of libraries. The title of this book is intended to incorporate the word We used to take it as an insult, and now we call ourselves that to get rid of the derogatory meaning“, To explain.

“All these great gay guys were then and their peers knew they came into our lives because they were part of the privileged elite and that freed them from being burned at the stake‘ he claims.

On these pages the reader can also know this part in all encyclopedias of “deleted”. Alexander the Great, Richard I of Englandthe Russian composer Tchaikovsky, Francis of Assisi Y bourbonthe king’s wife was in Spain.

Source: EFE


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