Cause of death possible known: Coolio was resuscitated for 45 minutes

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Possible cause of death known
Coolio was resuscitated for 45 minutes

Rapper Coolio dies in a friend’s bathroom at age 59. But what is the reason for this? Now there are first indications of the possible cause of death. And details about the battle for the life of the singer “Gangsta’s Paradise” are also made public.

Rapper Coolio’s death at age 59 raises many questions. Now the American celebrity portal “TMZ” reports that the paramedics had “desperately” tried to resuscitate the musician for 45 minutes. Only after all these attempts failed, the musician was pronounced dead.

Coolio was staying with a friend in Los Angeles at the time of his death. There he collapsed in a bathroom late Wednesday afternoon.

The cause of death has not yet been officially announced. Nothing was found in the bathroom that would indicate drug or substance abuse. Coolio’s manager, meanwhile, said he had been told that the singer had suffered a heart attack.

Vanilla ice cream “flipped”

Coolio, who lived in Las Vegas, had traveled to Los Angeles to solve a passport problem, according to his manager. He would have needed it for a trip to Germany, where he would perform at the weekend.

Coolio’s last performance was in Texas last week with his colleague Vanilla Ice. The two have been on stage together for six years as part of an “I Love The 90s” show.

Vanilla Ice told TMZ he could barely sleep after learning of Coolio’s passing on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning he still woke up “shocked” and “in a panic”.

Michelle Pfeiffer is “heartbroken”

Numerous other celebrities were also affected by Coolio’s untimely death. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer, among others, spoke. She said she was “heartbroken” by the loss. With “Gangsta’s Paradise” Coolio delivered the title song of Pfeiffer’s movie “Dangerous Minds – Wilde Thoughts” in 1995. The song, which became a worldwide hit, also contributed significantly to the popularity of the comic.

Later, however, the musician, who was born on August 1, 1963 in the American state of Pennsylvania, could never build on this success. He kept his head above water by participating in shows that celebrated the music of the 90s. Hoping to boost his career again, in 2004 he even took part in the ProSieben format “Comeback – The Great Chance” on German television. In the end, he finished third on the show.

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