Catherine Fulop fired her dog Ronnie in her networks: ‘Thank you for what you lived’

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Catherine Fulop with her dog Ronnie (Photo: Instagram)
Catherine Fulop with her dog Ronnie (Photo: Instagram)

Catherine Fulop He shared his regrets with his followers on social networks to say goodbye to Ronnie, the dog who accompanied his family for 15 years. “My beautiful Ronnie. Thank you for everything you lived. You were the best dog I could dream of. I will miss you so much but I know you will be waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridge. This bridge that remains between paradise and earth. When an animal dies that was particularly loved by someone here on earth, then it goes over the rainbow bridge,” the text began, which the Venezuelan published on her Instagram account.

“There are valleys and hills for all our special friends to run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sun, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All animals that were sick or old become healthy and vital again; Those who have been injured or maimed recover from what was lost and are strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days gone by.” Oriana Y tiziana sabatini.

“The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: each of them misses something very special, someone they had to leave behind. They all run and play together, but one day one of them suddenly stops and looks into the distance.. His bright eyes become alert; Her impatient body is shaking and vibrating,” Cathy reflected.

“Suddenly he runs away from the group, flies over the green grass and moves his legs faster and faster. You’ve been sighted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you embrace in a miraculous reunion, never to be separated again.‘ said Ova Sabatini’s wife.

“A rain of kisses falls on your face, your hands caress the beloved head again, and you can look again into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long removed from your life but never removed from your heart. Then the two cross the rainbow bridge together…Ronnie, fly up to this beautiful place!‘ concluded the heartbreaking publication, which was quickly filled with likes and comments from her followers trying to comfort her.

The post Catherine Fulop shared on her networks to fire Ronnie, her dog (Photo: Instagram)
The post Catherine Fulop shared on her networks to fire Ronnie, her dog (Photo: Instagram)

Ronnie passed away on September 13th and in recent days Cathy and her family have been posting various memories of the animal. “You are an important part of our lives Ronnie, you are just over 15 and I understand you don’t have the same energy, you are the heart of this home and always will be, It’s been like this since the first day Ori brought you home‘ the Venezuelan wrote at the time.

“You never separated from us and that’s why you will never stop being in our hearts. Thank you for all the beautiful and joyful moments that we experienced and that we will live on until the last day of our lives. I, your human mama, will always be in you and you in me. I’m sorry if something hasn’t gone so well all this time. You are a great, loyal, loving and playful friend so more than keep calm!!!!! Your whole human family will always love you!‘ he fired him.

Ova Sabatini with Ronnie, the Sabatini Fulop family dog ​​(Photo: Instagram)
Ova Sabatini with Ronnie, the Sabatini Fulop family dog ​​(Photo: Instagram)

oriana sabatini He also joined in the dog’s farewell. “Every word is too small for us to thank you for your good partner. I hope you fly high Ronnie, we love you forever‘ the model and singer wrote.


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