Carlos Beraldi began his third day of allegations and CFK is expected to intervene

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The final hearing of allegations defending the nation’s vice president, Christina Kichnerat the hearing because of the public work received from the entrepreneur Lazarus Baez started at 9:30 a.m. with his lawyer Carlos Alberto Beroldyeah The expectation is set around 11 a.m. when Cristina Kirchner speaks herself, for whom the prosecutor has requested it sentenced to 12 years in prison and life imprisonment. The former Federal President is represented before the Federal Court of Justice 2.

The hearing will be held virtually and Cristina Kirchner is expected to speak in her Senate office. Beraldi first began by reviewing the arguments of his first two hearings, in which he responded to the federal prosecutor’s allegation. Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola. Then the Vice President speaks. Estimated to be around 11 or 11:30am. And in the afternoon Beraldi will settle the dispute with him formal request for acquittal of Cristina Kichner.

Cristina Kirchner is speaking in court for the second time today. The first was in its investigation on December 2, 2019. It was personal in the courts of Comodoro Py. “This court, the Lawfare Court, certainly has the written conviction. I’m not interested, history has acquitted me, history will acquit me. And you will surely be judged by history. You’ll have to answer questions, not me.” Cristina Kirchner informed the judges in her statement. He also claimed that the cause was “a plan ordered by the outgoing government,” in reference to that of Mauricio Macri, who spoke about his relationship with Báez and how the national public works budget is drawn up.

When the public prosecutor’s office had finished its arguments, Cristina Kirchner asked for the investigation to be expanded. The judge Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Gimenez Uriburu and Andres Basso They rejected the proposal because the time for it had already expired. The Vice President decided to make a statement via her social media. “I fell short when I said that the verdict is already written because when we got to the government, we learned about the previous government’s court table and the spy system they had put in place by the AFI (Federal Intelligence Agency). what they did) and the Gestapo for union leaders in La Plata”, held August 23 by the Senate. “Nothing the prosecutors said was proven,” he added, speaking of the former public works minister’s relationship Jose Lopez with the merchant Nicholas Caputoa friend of Macri, through the messages found on the former officer’s cellphone in response to what prosecutors called the “clean it all plan.”

Cristina Kirchner when speaking at her request in December 2019
Cristina Kirchner when speaking at her request in December 2019

The Vice President is expected to follow the same line of reasoning today. Cristina Kirchner’s defense statement began on Monday and continued on Tuesday. In the first Beraldi and his colleague Ary Llernovay They criticized the actions of the public prosecutor’s office and compared Cristina Kirchner’s concerns with those of Juan Domingo Perón. And on Tuesday, they responded to the plan to clean up, citing the business relationship between Báez and the vice president. “The cleanup plan doesn’t exist,” Beraldi said.

Today’s exhibition by Cristina Kirchner comes 22 days after the attempted murder she suffered on the doorstep of her home on September 1st Fernando Sabag Montiel He placed a 12-inch Bersa caliber gun in front of his face and pulled the trigger. Four people were arrested in the case.

The vice president first spoke about the attack a week ago. “I feel like restoring democracy was not just about getting back to voting, I understand restoring democracy was about restoring life and sanity, that we can debate politics that Elimination of violence and the truth that what happened recently was something positive. It was a breach of what we urgently need to rebuild,” she said at a meeting in the Senate with Villeros priests, priests-option for the poor and sisters, religious and laity: “I live for God and for the Virgin”.

The public prosecutor accused Cristina Kirchner of being the head of an illegal association and fraudulent administration. They demanded that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison and life imprisonment from public office. They also demanded that the 12 accused in the trial be convicted.

Prosecutor Diego Luciani
Prosecutor Diego Luciani

CFRP is the sixth defense put forward. From Monday it will be seven. Báez wanted to continue, but there was an agreement between the parties to change the program. So it will be on Monday Karl Kirchner, former official of the Federal Ministry of Planning and cousin of Néstor Kirchner. He has already submitted it to the court, which will use a single hearing. Even a single day, Tuesday, will miss López’s. Then it will be Báez’s turn, who makes it in at least two with the possibility of capitalizing on the third. And then the rest of the missing will move on. The court gave defense attorneys three hearings to argue.

After the allegations, the Code establishes the stage of replies and counter-replies. It is not mandatory, but parties can request it if they understand that they have to respond to some of the arguments that were not put forward during the process. Then come the defendant’s last words. There is no court agenda for these two sections yet.

Finally the verdict. With the timeline that the process has it will be before the end of the year. And that is the intention of Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Gimenez and Andres Basso so his decision is not in the year of the 2023 presidential election and has no political interpretation.

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