But now really…: Rapper Gzuz has to go to jail

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But now really…
Rapper Gzuz has to go to jail

Six months ago, a court sentenced Gzuz to several months in prison, but the Hamburg lawyers are appealing again. It is now dismissed as unfounded. So the 187 street bender should actually be behind bars.

Hamburg rapper Gzuz has to go to jail for eight months and two weeks. This was announced by the Oberlandesgericht Hamburg. “Following the decision of the 2nd Criminal Senate of the Higher Regional Court of the Hanseatic League of 13 September 2022, the revision of the regional court’s verdict did not lead to a legal error to the detriment of the accused, so that his appeal was dismissed as unfounded. stated,” the court said.

The Hamburg court had sentenced the frontman of the band 187 Strassenbande to eight months and two weeks in prison six months ago. At the same time, the criminal court imposed a fine of 180 daily rates of 2,300 euros each, so a total of 414,000 euros. The court ruled that the 34-year-old, whose real name is Kristoffer Jonas Klauß, violated the Explosives Act and twice violated the Weapons Act.

The Chamber punished the punch to the face of a young woman who had asked the rapper for a selfie on the Reeperbahn in the morning. For that alone, he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Appealed multiple times

In September 2020, Klauß was sentenced by the Hamburg court to 18 months in prison for gun law violations, possession of drugs, attempted theft and bodily harm. He appealed against it. The 33-year-old has repeatedly denied possession of the drugs found in his apartment. The weapons discovered during another search in Halstenbek near Hamburg were not his, but his father-in-law’s. He also denied the charge of attempted theft. However, he admitted the punch to the young woman’s face.

Klauß likes to use the excuse that Gzuz is an artificial figure. In January, the musician complained that not only his actions in court had been charged against him, but his music and his entire life. The rap songs don’t reflect his attitude. Music is about breaking taboos and escaping the world of rules. “It’s art and I play with it,” he said of his lawyers. It is still unclear when he will have to start the now very real prison sentence.

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