Bus to the Queen’s Funeral: Emperors, Kings and Heads of State Don’t Get Amused

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By bus to the Queen’s funeral
Emperors, kings and heads of state are not amused

London is expected to burst at the seams on Monday at the Queen’s state funeral. Many politicians and crowned heads from other countries have also announced their arrival. However, not everyone thinks they should take the bus to the ceremony.

For logistical reasons, Japanese Emperor Naruhito, European monarchs and heads of state and government would travel by bus to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral in London, according to media reports. There will be very few exceptions, such as for US President Joe Biden and Israeli President Izchak Herzog, the BBC reports.

Other top guests, on the other hand, would be driven to Westminster Abbey in luxury buses from a secret meeting point in West London, the online portal “Politico” writes. This affects, for example, the kings of Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, but also several heads of state and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The Japanese Emperor and his wife Empress Masako, whose visit is considered a special honor, are also expected to board a bus.

However, the demand has been criticized a lot, according to “Politico”. According to the BBC, the organizers are defending the plan. “It’s not about vehicles. It’s about making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time,” the broadcaster quoted a British government official as saying. “You bet, they just can’t come in separate cars.”

No Chinese by the coffin?

According to the BBC, some 300 government employees are preparing around the clock for Monday’s state ceremony. They have been withdrawn from various ministries and agencies for this purpose.

Heads of State or Government may only bring one other person, larger delegations are reserved for members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Therefore, former US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump are not expected to come. On Sunday, King Charles III. a reception at Buckingham Palace.

If desired, the heads of state and government should also be able to take a look at the Queen’s closed coffin, which stood in Westminster Hall in the British Parliament until early Monday morning. Parliament Speaker Lindsay Hoyle is said to have excluded the Chinese delegation. The reason for this is Chinese sanctions against a number of British parliamentarians after Britain initially imposed punitive measures for the repression of the Muslim Uyghur minority in China’s Xinjiang region. Hoyle has housing rights on Parliament grounds.

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