Brits jump in because of war: Liverpool organizes ESC for Ukraine

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British step in because of war
Liverpool receive ESC for Ukraine

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but the country cannot host the ESC because of the war. It was already clear that Britain would intervene as host, now it is also clear in which city the party will take place.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool next year. This was announced by actor and TV presenter Graham Norton on behalf of the BBC in the evening on the “BBC One Show”. The date was 13 May. Previously, the Scottish city of Glasgow was also on the shortlist.

Britain steps in to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023, replacing Ukraine, which won the competition in Turin this year with the Kalush Orchestra. It is already the ninth time that the ESC has taken place in the UK. However, Liverpool is the host city for the first time.

Several ESC fans had gathered in the port city in the evening for the BBC broadcast and burst into cheers after the decision. For security reasons, the event cannot be celebrated in the still controversial Ukraine. Britain, as the runner-up, offered the hosting months ago. The British have often filled in for other countries. The BBC expects 160 million TV viewers around the world to watch the big event.

“We know how to throw a party”

“It’s Ukraine’s party. We just invite them to give it to our home,” said Sam Ryder, ESC’s runner-up this year, after deciding to host Britain. “We know how to party here in the UK.” Despite the postponement, the competition will celebrate Ukrainian culture, history and music. Home of the Beatles, Liverpool has a long and rich musical history, attracting visitors from all over the world every year.

Liverpool even sent local musicians into the race at previous Eurovision Song Contests. Singer Sonia took second place in 1993 with “Better the Devil You Know”. The band Jemini, also from Liverpool, took part in 2003 but only came last. According to the BBC, the spectacle will take place in the Port of Liverpool at the M&S Bank Arena, which can accommodate 11,000 spectators.

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