Bo Nickal will retire if he makes the preliminaries

Bo Nickal will retire if he makes the preliminaries

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Bo Nickal’s highly anticipated UFC career could end before it even started, should the UFC put him anywhere other than the main card.

The NCAA Division I champion kicked down the doors of the UFC, rather than walk through them like most. Double winner of Dana Whites Contender Series, he now has a date for his debut. Jamie Pickett is the man tasked with checking the rookie’s stellar resume for fouls at UFC 282. Bo Nickal has now shockingly said that if they consider putting his on the prelims, he’ll retire.

The revelation has come MMA hour after being asked about the placement of the card.

“Am I a preliminary guy? I’m not a preliminary guy,” Bo Nickal said, almost shocked by the audacity of the question. “If I have to fight in the preliminaries, I will withdraw. I’m finished.”

Nickal has star power that far exceeds his resume, and he talks like he knows it. It is assured that the UFC too.

“I don’t know if it’s in the contract, but they’ll do the right thing. They will do the smart thing. Like I said, if I’m on foreplay, I’ll just retire. I’m outside.”

Bo Nickal “I’m a main card guy”

Image Credit: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

This is perhaps one of the biggest storylines and the most shocking turn of events if it were to happen. Ariel Helwani then attempted to pitch a scenario to Bo Nickal where being on the foreplay is best. Highlighting the high ratings on ESPN, it gave Nickal a little pause for thought, but ultimately Bo Nickal remained unsold on life as the preliminary headliner.

“Yeah, I’ve seen them do it before. You know, having a bigger fight on foreplay and all that. But I don’t know, I just think, I’m a main card guy. As even on Dana White’s Contender Series and all of that, I was the main event. At 2-0. Every fight I take part in is the main event. They put me on the main card.

While this may be a character Nickal tries out, he has to be careful. He’s fresh in the door, and Dana White doesn’t take threats kindly and can test his words.

Do you think Bo Nickal would retire if he had to fight in the prelims?

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