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Blooket is an advanced learning tool that provides a completely new perspective on trivia and review games. According to the creators, this learning tool has been developed to level up classroom interaction, engagement, and learning. They assure that by joining a game, students can achieve an ultimate learning experience.

In this Blooket review, let us analyze every aspect of this learning tool and find out if it is worth trying. 

For those who are unaware, Blooket is a newly launched learning tool that has been garnering great hype over the past few weeks. With the immense hype surrounding it, several Blooket reviews and reports are popping up that might get you confused about the authenticity of this tool. 

This Blooket review is penned to provide you with only reliable information about the learning tool such as what it is, how it works, the benefits that can be expected, and much more.

So, get straight into the review and see if Blooket is the ultimate solution for a great learning experience.


What is Blooket?

Blooket is a new online tool that has been created for all educators and students to help them innovate and change education. According to the official website, this online platform upholds the motto “Learning Reimagined ” by delivering a completely fresh perspective on trivia and review games. This is an engaging platform for both the students and the teaching community. 

Blooket offers question sets and even the option for creating questions that teachers can use along with a specific game mode. The players in the game are students who can join the game from their own devices by using a code that the teachers provide them.

Once the game starts, students can answer the questions and get rewards. The interesting part is that Blooket consists of a wide variety of games to keep students engaged and excited.

In this learning tool, students are players as aforementioned and they are called blooks. Blooks are nothing but little blocks representing players and playing the game.

The creators of Blooket aim to change the way education is imparted and how students learn thereby making the process of knowledge-seeking incredibly effective.

Blooket Creators

This engaging and fun online learning tool has been created by Tom Stewart and Ben Stewart to make the learning process incredibly effective thereby building memorable experiences with classroom content. 

Blooket Features 

Once you get started with Blooket, you can see the following features inside the tool that are easy to use:

  • Dashboard

This is the home page that opens once you log in. This is where teachers can create question sets or discover sets from the tool. The dashboard also provides tabs like News, My Sets, Favorites, Homework, and History on the left side. 

You can get the new updates on Blooket by clicking the News tab. The Favorites section can be used to discover and save favorites. New sets can be created or discovered by using the My Sets tab. The Homework tab is created to help teachers add or check homework assigned to the students which helps them to keep track of things. 

  • Play 

This tab is set to start the game using the game ID that the teachers share with the students. You can also load the saved games here. 

  • Discover Sets

The Discover Sets tab can be used to discover ideas for creating question sets. Here, you get plenty of options and even popular picks.  

  • Create A Set

This is the space where teachers can create question sets and the details are given clearly.

  • My Stats

My Stats, as the name suggests, is where you can track the statistics of your game. 

  • Market

Market is provided so that you can buy new blook sets using the rewards that you have obtained.  

  • Blooks

This is where you can try out and use different blooks. A few among them are locked and once you start winning the games and gain rewards, you can unlock them. 

So, these are the main features available along with the settings and log-out options. 

How to use the Blooket Learning Tool?

The Blooket learning tool is very simple to use, and here are the step-by-step instructions on how it works:

  • Create or choose a question set

Teachers are required to create a question set or choose one from the Discover Sets database. The created set can be imported using the converter tools available. 

  • Select a game mode 

Next, you can select a game mode from the plenty of modes available on the tool so that it can be engaging and exciting for the students. Make sure to always keep a check on the limited-time seasonals and even modes. 

  • Host the game and join

Once the question is set and game mode is chosen, teachers can host the game on a large screen in front of the class and share the game ID with the students so that they can join from their own devices. 

  • Play to review

Through the game session, students can have fun and at the same time answer the questions to review what’s taught in the class.

  • Analyze the results

Once the game is over, Blooket provides detailed score reports and question analyses that will help teachers understand how much the students have learned and the areas they need to review again. 

Blooket Benefits

The main benefits both teachers and students can expect from the Blooket learning tool are listed below:

  • Teachers can teach the students effortlessly by importing or creating question sets built by the learning tool. They can also explore the question sets created by other users on the Discover page. 
  • This learning tool is a great motivation for the students. They can take part in interesting games, win rewards, and traverse through innovative approaches to learning. So, students can learn lessons better and perform well while reviewing.
  • Blooket also provides customization options. It offers a range of game modes that can also be edited as required. Teachers can also create their own question sets. 
  • The tool also brings limited-time events that might include new Blooks, game modes, giveaways, and tournaments. Keep track of the events that might come up. 
  • Blooket believes in constant revision and improvement and invites its community’s suggestions in making it a powerful learning app. 
  • The biggest advantage is that this learning tool is completely free to use and easy to follow.

Final Verdict

Considering the available data, Blooket seems to be a genuine learning tool that envisions changing the way teachers guide and students learn. Most of the users, both students and teachers have reported positive responses indicating that Blooket is an effective and engaging learning platform.

As this learning tool offers a range of game modes and options to import, create, and discover question sets, teachers can make the learning process innovative and interesting for the students. The students also get rewarded for winning games. Using this tool, teachers can easily track the performance of each student and identify the areas they need to improve. 

On top of all these, Blooket is a free learning tool that users can access without spending a single penny. This makes the platform an accessible fun alternative to traditional education that benefits both teachers and students. So, Blooket appears to be a legit learning tool that is worth a try.

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