Birth certificate of Karl Marx: that’s why Günther Jauch’s name is on it

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He was surprised himself
Jauch has this to do with the birth of Marx

By Nina Jerzy

If you study Karl Marx’s birth certificate, you will find the signature of a Mr Jauch. “I only found out a few years ago,” says the WWM presenter. But that haunts him to this day. Then the candidate is kicked out because of malaria.

Whether a signature of Günther Jauch will be preserved until the year 2222? Small doubts are in order. However, an ancestor’s signature gives the host “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” hundreds of years later public appearances. Because his great-great-grandfather was second mayor in his hometown when Karl Marx was born in 1818 and signed the birth certificate, Jauch announced Monday evening. “I only found out a few years ago. Since then, when Marx has a birthday, I can read this certificate,” he said.

The story arose because candidate Christian Alt is originally from Trier, Marx’s hometown. The 33-year-old now lives with his family in Munich and produces podcasts there. One of the topics: major failed projects in history. “Mainly by men,” Alt reports, telling of the scientist who wanted to help middle-aged men regain their vitality by transplanting monkey testicles into their thighs. Somehow, the candidate may have already had a bad hunch.

WWM participant crashes

“So men are usually the bigger idiots?” Jauch asked. “Yes,” Alt confirmed. “Hopefully I’m the exception today.” Fearing the big crash, the 33-year-old repeatedly wondered, “I’m guessing, isn’t it?” and then preferred to protect himself with a joker. In the end, unfortunately, he was too stingy with the last joker.

For 16,000 euros, the man from Munich should know against which serious disease there is currently no vaccination. He pulled the extra joker and chose a social worker from Leverkusen. She said she knew of relatives and friends who had been or had been vaccinated against malaria, measles and shingles. Jauch suggested the remaining telephone prankster as security. Alt would have had a chemist at his disposal. But it was here of all places that the candidate gambled, trusted his joker and registered a wrong answer with “cholera”.

There is an oral vaccine against cholera. In the case of malaria, research – including at the German company Biontech – has not yet led to an approved vaccination. Alt took the crash to 500 euros. His wife in the audience felt the same way. After the first lap she said: “He cracked the 500, we can eat well with it, have a nice evening.”

The very big “Who wants to be a millionaire?” luck was not awarded to any of the four candidates that evening.

The very big “Who wants to be a millionaire?” luck was not awarded to any of the four candidates that evening. Management consultant Marisa Kurz from Stuttgart was the last candidate from the previous show to sit on the hot seat at the start, but stepped out two laps later when asked the question of 16,000 euros. She had the right instinct that the 1.5 degree target for climate protection refers to values ​​from 1850 to 1900. But she didn’t want to risk her 8,000 euros: “I can’t decide. I’d rather go home.” Because the money is urgently needed to get out of their huge condo share of nine.

WWM Aus because of Taylor Swift


Eric Schmidt from Marpingen in Saarland seems perfectly happy and therefore had no reason to complain.

The last two candidates at Jauch were apparently completely satisfied with 16,000 euros each. Doctor Angelika Menzen from Friesoythe, located between Bremen and the Dutch border, opted for the safe variant and could therefore guess without worry about the question for 32,000 euros. As a telephone prankster, she and her youngest son bet that Taylor Swift has won the most trophies so far at the American Grammy Music Awards. However, Beyoncé holds the record of 28 wins. “16,000 was my goal. I achieved that. That means we can go back to England this winter,” said the passionate football fan about her end.

Eric Schmidt from Marpingen in Saarland seems perfectly happy and therefore had no reason to complain. The head of an electrical department at a mechanical engineering company in the neighboring town was not even quick to say what he wants to use his 16,000 euros profit for. In any case, the 35-year-old is completely satisfied with his job. He only found it after a few professional mistakes. According to his own statements, he completed his training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering with 100 points as the best in Germany. The certificate was presented to him by Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, then Prime Minister of Saarland. “Who wants to be a millionaire?” returns on German Unity Day with a gambling specialty that continues the following day.

(This article was first published on Monday, September 19, 2022.)

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