Big Brother: Santiago Del Moro anticipated the millionaire number that the winner will take

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Santiago Del Moro will direct the new season of Big Brother
Santiago Del Moro will direct the new season of Big Brother

Big Brother already warmed-up engines. A new edition of the “father” of all reality shows starts in October and phone is already promoting it as his new bet for the prime time. Meanwhile, more details of the program are gradually being revealed, which will feature some changes compared to previous seasons.

In this sense, Santiago del Moro, who will host the program, awaited the figure that the winner will receive: no more and no less than 15 million pesos. This was reported on his radio cycle The Moorish Club (FM La 100) where he surprised his teammates and also predicted it will kick off mid next month for contestants to be indoors during the World Cup in Qatar. The competition, which will last four months, will have 16 participants giving away different tests they will have to pass in order to reach the final.

“It’s great. The house will be almost three thousand square meters. It will be the part of the gallery, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom. There are two rooms and then there will be a SUM with a room and a kitchen, a private place “, Del Moro said a few weeks ago. And he added: “At the end of the house there is a corridor that leads to a forum or a micro-stadium. a comes Big Brother Excellent, vWe will work with augmented reality and it will be great. It’s getting fewer and fewer.”

They showed the house of Big Brother 2022 for the first time

Some time ago they had exceeded the questions on the form to participate in the casting. In this sense, in addition to personal data (surname, first name, age and occupation), there are also some surprising queries: “Do you have a special diet?”, “Are you in a relationship with a celebrity?”, “What are your idols?”, “What would be your game strategy?” and “What would you be willing to do to win?”. With these answers, the idea of ​​production is to have a more detailed profile of the applicant.

As reported by the channel, which has the reality show back on its screen after ten years since the last two editions of 2015 and 2016 were broadcast in America, the program can be watched 24 hours a day and in an exclusive form by Pluto TV, Paramount’s premier free streaming TV service. In the meantime, Telefe will certainly be running specials summarizing the best and the nomination galas.

As soon as the call was opened, the most unusual castings were known. For example, a police officer, a porn actor, a sexist, a spoiled woman and even the self-proclaimed “summer influencer” circulated. Other enrolled have some experience in the field, such as Mathias closet, one of the finalists of the 2015 edition; Louis Cerdaof remembered entry weight thing, Ariel Calfucurawho has already worked with Santiago del Moro in the count down by MuchMusic Y Macarena Herrera, former partner of Alex Caniggia, who promised to reveal intimacies of the relationship if eventually chosen.

Meanwhile too Jessica Osito GomezHe, who was in the 2007 version, reckoned that his mother would also like to play. “I’m from Tucumán, I’m 67 years old, 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren, I’ve never lived with anyone I don’t know but I’ll see, I’m very calm and given, I respect everyone, I think we won’t have a problem, I come to fight a lot in my life,” the woman said as she sent the presentation to the program’s production. “I want them to know me and be famous. If I can participate in the program, I will tell people that anything can be done, things can always be done well, all with respect and love,” he added.


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