Beckham queued for 12 hours: queue suspended to say goodbye to queen

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Beckham is in line for 12 hours
Waiting in line to say goodbye to Queen

Tens of thousands of people line up in London to say goodbye to the Queen. After this has become several kilometers long, the government pulls the tightrope and announces a queue stop. Still, people keep streaming to the end of the line.

Elizabeth II was a queen of superlatives and the mourning for her also takes enormous proportions: due to the enormous crowds in the afternoon in London, initially no mourners were allowed to queue up to say goodbye in person to the Queen who in Westminster Hall. This applies for at least six hours, according to the government. The new king Charles III. he concluded his journey through all parts of the country with a visit to Wales.

The government said there was no room for more people in the park at the end of the row. Therefore, no other people should stand in line to look at the queen’s coffin for at least six hours. Still, people continued to flock to the end of the line.

Celebrities, too, want to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. Former football star David Beckham lined up miles outside Westminster Hall on Friday. He got in line at 2 a.m. and waited about 12 hours, the 47-year-old told Sky News. He was there to honor the “special” queen. “It’s a sad day, but an unforgettable one,” Beckham said. “I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few moments in my life to be with Her Majesty.”

Waiting time of 14 hours

Elizabeth II died last Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish residence in Balmoral. Her coffin was brought to London on Tuesday and has been ready since Wednesday in London’s Westminster Hall. A long line had formed for the mooring days beforehand, which had grown to about five miles by Friday morning. The waiting time was at least 14 hours.

The Queen’s funeral service, Britain’s first state funeral in more than 60 years, will take place at London’s Westminster Abbey on Monday. Approximately 2,000 guests are expected, including high-ranking members of other royal families and heads of state from around the world, such as US President Joe Biden, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Japanese Emperor Naruhito.

Pope Francis, 85, is represented by Vatican Foreign Minister Paul Gallagher, as the Papal States have announced. Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place Monday evening with the family at Windsor Castle.

The funeral ceremonies will be accompanied by a huge security presence. A knife attack in central London in the morning, which injured two police officers, raised concerns. One of them suffered “life-changing” injuries, police said. The attacker was also taken to hospital. The police ruled out a terrorist background.

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