Beaten and doused in beer: Jolie accuses Pitt of violence

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Beaten and doused with beer
Jolie accuses Pitt of violence

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married for just two years before the actress filed for divorce in 2016. The subsequent War of the Roses lasts much longer and is far from decided. In court documents, Jolie describes how her ex allegedly attacked her and the family.

American actor Brad Pitt is said to have punched one of his children in the face and strangled another during an argument with Angelina Jolie on a private plane – at least this is what his ex-wife claims in documents she filed in a US court on Tuesday. The former Hollywood dream couple is embroiled in a lengthy divorce battle over custody of their six children and their possessions.

In the court documents filed in Los Angeles, from which the US media quotes extensively, Hollywood star Jolie Pitts describes outburst during the family’s flight from California to France in September 2016. “Pitt strangled one of the children and punched another face” , says the New York Times. York Times in the documents. He is said to have grabbed Jolie’s head and shaken her. During the fight, he is also said to have poured beer over Jolie, then he is said to have poured beer and red wine over the children.

The feud started when Pitt told Jolie she was “too submissive” to the kids. He would have grabbed Jolie, shaken it and pushed it against the wall. When one of the children verbally defended Jolie, Pitt threw himself into his own child. Jolie tried to stop him, as did the other children, and everyone tried to protect each other, the court documents said. “Everyone was afraid. Many were crying.”

FBI closed investigation

Detectives had investigated an incident aboard a plane in the fall of 2016, but had not published any details about it. In November of that year, the FBI announced that the investigation into Pitt had been closed. No charges were filed.

Jolie filed for divorce a few days after the flight. In the years that followed, the two stars battled over custody of their six children – three biological and three adopted. It also involves assets, most notably a French winery that the two bought together. Pitt has accused Jolie of selling her interest in the property to a third party without his consent. Jolie responded with her so-called counterclaim. In the course of the negotiations, Pitt asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement, as reported by the New York Times. The actress should have promised not to speak publicly about Pitt’s abuse of her or their children.

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