“Baywatch” Star Donna D’Errico: She Doesn’t Look A Day Older

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Once “Baywatch”, today 54
Is Donna D’Errico forever young?

Fans of “Baywatch” will remember: Donna D’Errico was the woman in the red bathing suit. So… one of those. Today, former lifeguard Donna Marco is 54 years old – and it looks like she’s fallen into the fountain of youth. The beauty doctor couldn’t have helped, could he?

Well, Donna D’Errico is not Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra or Traci Bingham, whom many think of when they hear the word “Baywatch”. But at least in 19 episodes of seasons seven and eight, she also donned the red bathing suit. D’Errico was also featured in the series offshoot “Baywatch Nights”.

And that’s not the only thing the Alabama-born model made headlines for at the time. She also eventually married Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx in 1996. She had a daughter with him before divorcing him in 2007. We don’t want to get into the fact that some people may know D’Errico as a former “Playboy” playmate.

It’s not about the past, it’s about the present. If you look back, you’ll quickly realize that a few years have passed since “Baywatch” – 24 years to be exact, since D’Errico last appeared in the series. Born in 1968, she was sweet 30 at the time. So she is now 54 years old.

Too old to wear a bikini?

However, anyone who calls up the Instagram account of former lifeguard Donna Marco should almost fall from his chair in amazement. D’Errico practically doesn’t look a day older – quite the contrary. And so she likes to reveal herself in a bikini or lingerie. Especially to show all the critics, as she made clear in one of her most recent posts.

Many women would have mocked a bikini video of her, writes D’Errico. Some would have stated that she really had “more class”. Others called her “too old to wear a bikini” or even “desperate”. “Let me tell you something that might surprise you: I can actually wear and do whatever I want,” D’Errico said defiantly.

No doubt about it: D’Errico is of course completely free to present herself however she wants, no matter how old she is. In any case, many are more likely to wonder if she might have fallen into a fountain of youth. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Instead, it can be assumed that D’Errico knows really good doctors. Because not everything can hide the real age. This can be seen, for example, by looking at her hands.

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