‘Baywatch’ Character Had Consequences: Zac Efron Was Depressed After Movie Diet

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“Baywatch” character had consequences
Zac Efron was depressed after movie diet

For his role in “Baywatch”, Zac Efron had to get into shape at the time. But the strict diet has its consequences. The actor then struggles with psychological problems, he now says in an interview.

According to the American actor Zac Efron, the strict diet for his film “Baywatch” caused serious psychological problems. “I started developing insomnia and went into a pretty severe depression for a long time,” the 34-year-old told Men’s Health. “Something about that experience burned me out.”


Efron fought hard for those washboard abs.

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In addition to exercising, his washboard abs in the film required him to follow a strict diet and take dehydrating medication, Efron explained. “The ‘Baywatch’ look – I don’t know if that’s really feasible. There’s just not enough water in the skin.” Such a body looks fake to him and looks like it has been processed by the computer. “That’s why I don’t need it. I’d rather have two or three percent more body fat.” He was feeling better a few months after the shoot ended.

For the film adaptation of the cult series, in which Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff once celebrated success, Efron and Dwayne Johnson, among others, slipped into the red swimsuits. Hasselhoff and Anderson made guest appearances in the 2017 film.

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