Axel Kicillof ends Lula’s presidential campaign in La Plata: “We came to support him so that he can be president again”

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A week before the presidential elections in Brazil — scheduled for next Sunday, October 2nd — the area of ​​the city of La Plata is the stage in which the Labor Party (PT) candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva decided to end his campaign in Argentina, although he will not be present. The place where the event will be organized is the Néstor Kirchner building of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication of the National University of La Plata. The governor of the province will be present Axel Killo.

The event started at 2pm and will include live shows by Teresa Parodi, Carinhosos da Garrafa and Shirlene Oliveira. For the next elections will be both the current president Jair Messiah Bolsonaro as main competitor, Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaShe fears reaching the second round, albeit for different reasons.

Although the last poll by Datafolhareleased this week, see how Lula rises to 47% and Bolsonaro remains firm at 33%, the Workers’ Party (PT) fears that anything could happen in these 28 days, that tempers will flare up and political violence will increase, that the electoral process will be threatened and that the lula take a wrong step. In short, it is feared that some benefit will be accumulated thereby lula scattered in favor of Bolsonaro.

The former President sent a letter to the Pope Franciscowhich Senator will deliver in the next few days Eduardo Suplicythe pt. lula call the popeDear friend‘ and thanks him for the letter he received as a prisoner Curitibabut also warns that the second round “It’s a risk‘ and that it ‘must guarantee our investiture in case of victory“. However, acc Eurasian groupthe risk of a coup d’etat undermining Brazilian democracy in these 28 days is exaggerated because in Brazil Power is not centralized in the executive and due to the armed forces’ little interest in adopting a position of rupture with institutions. Last year vice president and general Hamilton Mourao calmed the commotion by saying that even if the proposed paper election (along with the current electronic vote) were not approved, no one would prevent the election because “Brazil is not a banana republic“, said.

Workers' Party (PT) presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Workers’ Party (PT) presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

The critical point, however, for a possible Second round it is still the so-called dispersion of the election surveys, which often show very different distances between the two candidates and additionally fuel the expectations on both sides. This could be the disappointment Pro Bolsonaro in case of victory lula in the first round and provoke screams fraud with a possible scene of protests and even confrontations. In an interview granted to the Brazilian TV channel SBT a few days ago, the President of Brazil He said if he didn’t win in the first round by more than 60% of the votes “something abnormal‘ must have happened in the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), which conjures up the spirit of cheating.

For its part, the Brazilian left fears above all abstention. Especially those of the suburbs, where lula It enjoys a good turnout. Although inside Brazil From the age of 16 you can vote, from the age of 18 the vote is compulsory. In the 2018 elections, 20% of Brazilians abstained, a figure already higher than in previous years. In February even the Supreme Electoral Court recorded the fewest new voters, just over 830,000 compared to 1.4 million in the same period of 2018. A TSE campaign on social media titled “Rolê das Eleições” (The Role of the Elections) attracted 96,425 young people in one week aged 16 and 17 participated in voter registration for the first time in their lives.


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