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Natalia Rendon Ortiz arrived in Germany in 2018 from Medellin in Colombia to work as an au pair after seeing interesting videos about the country. During her year with a family in the Black Forest, she quickly integrated into everyday life in Germany, then she completed a year of voluntary work with the German Red Cross. In the meantime, she has started a training program with a logistics company and aims to complete it in the summer of 2023.

Natalia says she learns languages ​​quickly. But in the beginning, she naturally made mistakes, and that’s why she started making videos in 2019. She wanted to help potential newcomers so they could avoid making the same mistakes. And what kind of errors were these? “I could have gone to Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich as an au pair, but I ended up in Rottweil. I never imagined the town would be so small,” Natalia laughs. In the meantime, she cannot imagine leaving the Black Forest region. She has a boyfriend there and dreams of a permanent job. We asked Natalia the following five questions:

What is your favorite region in Germany?
The South, especially the Black Forest, and especially Villingen.

What is the easiest way to come to Germany?
For me, it was definitely coming to work as an au pair. It helps you learn the language quickly and you also get to know the way of life.

Do you need to bring cash with you?
Not really. You are cared for within the family.

Can you imagine staying longer in Germany?
I would like to start a family here, because it is a very good place for children and it is also safe.

And you, what is typically German?
Take off your shoes before entering the apartment!


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