Argentine Cocca is leaving the technical direction of the Mexican Atlas

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — Argentina coach Diego Cocca unexpectedly resigned as Atlas coach on Friday after winning Mexico’s last two soccer titles.

Cocca, 50, spent the last two as coach of the Foxes, with whom he broke a 70-year non-title drought in last year’s Apertura.

In addition, Cocca won the title at this year’s Clausura, making Atlas only the third team to achieve a double championship since short tournaments were established in the country.

“The project needs a change. We’re taking that step aside to let this continue to grow,” Cocca said. “It is difficult, but we are convinced of it. I leave calmly and confident that I have given everything, that we are not holding anything back”.

After joining Pumas and León as the only two-time champions since two tournaments a year were introduced since 1996, the athletic team languishes in a competition in which they have barely 10 points and are penultimate to 18 teams.

Atlas is already eliminated from the final stage.

This is one of the worst seasons for a defending champion since short tournaments were introduced.

“Today ends one of the most successful cycles of this institution, but the institution needs a change,” said José Riestra, the President of the team. “Diego I have nothing but words of thanks, thank you for putting us on the map. You have the open doors of this institution”.

With Cocca, Atlas also achieved a Champion of Champions title in addition to the championship titles.

“It’s difficult because we put our hearts and souls into this project but it needs a change and that we’re the ones who have to step aside for it to keep growing is official, but we’re convinced it can.” the best coca is said.

Atlas did not immediately reveal who will make up the team for the Clausura 2023 tournament.

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