Antony Blinken would visit Colombia in the first week of October

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President Petro said in an interview that he saw similarities in Foreign Minister Antony Blinken's speech to his food sovereignty proposals.  Photo: REUTERS
President Petro said in an interview that he saw similarities in Foreign Minister Antony Blinken’s speech to his food sovereignty proposals. Photo: REUTERS

In the last few hours it became known that the United States Secretary of State, Anton Blinkenwould visit Colombia in the first week of October, this is the second visit to national territory by a senior official of the Joe Biden administration since Gustavo Petro came to power.

Blinken’s visit was revealed by Blu Radio and Red+ Noticias, who detailed in their information that it will be possible in part thanks to the efforts of Ambassador to Washington Luis Gilberto Murillo.

Although no official statement has been announced by either the Colombian or US governments, it is worth noting the President Gustav Petroas reported in an interview with Noticias Caracol on the morning of September 23, and Secretary of State Blinken met at the World Food Security Summit in New York in recent days.

In the interview, in addition to predicting that Blinken will one day be President of the United States, President Petro also stated that he saw similarities in Joe Biden’s Secretary of State’s speech to his food sovereignty proposals.

“I have a feeling that one day he will be President of the United States. Blinken in his speech – at the World Summit on Food Security – exposed a defense of what we call food sovereignty. This means that each country can produce its minimum nutritional capacity for its society. Thesis that we have long defended”.

It is important to remember that a few weeks ago the General Laura RichardsonChief of the United States Southern Command, visited the country to learn about the progress of Operation Artemis, which aims to strengthen binational cooperation in the fields of security and the environment.

During her visit to Colombia, General Richardson spoke about the challenges of fighting cross-border crime and what lies behind the bilateral relationship with Colombia. He said the country is a key non-NATO ally of the United States.

“Once the United States recognized Colombia as a key non-NATO ally, that designation has been said to reflect the breadth and depth of our nation’s security and defense relationships (…) military forces prepared to join us in a process of continuous improvement, transformation and evolution that responds to the needs of our specific environment and of the moment,” said the officer at the time.

Hours after his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, this Tuesday morning, the 20 food industry to combat their problem as drug manufacturers.

The president referred to the concept of food security, which he called problematic because it fails to take into account the income inequality of humanity and leaves certain sectors vulnerable to hunger that do not have access to the food produced, even though there is enough for everyone.

“Between supply and demand, that is, effective income, there is a category called price. part of humanity. You can’t buy the nutrients at the price the market is offering and hunger ensues, hunger ensues. Food vulnerability arises. And it’s not millions, it’s hundreds of millions of people,” the President said.

He then explained that the concept of food sovereignty is opposed to that of food security because of two factors: it guarantees that areas can themselves produce the minimum nutrients their populations need, and it involves the peasantry in the discussion about nutrition, since “they still face resistance in many countries of our continents and it is still a fundamental axis in the production of nutrients for humanity”.


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