Andrew may also wear a uniform: the Queen’s children keep a vigil at the coffin

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Andrew can also wear a uniform
The Queen’s children watch by the coffin

The Queen’s four children pay tribute to their late mother. Hand in hand, they keep a vigil at the British Queen’s coffin. Everyone wears a uniform – exceptionally the disgraced Prince Andrew too.

The queen’s four children kept watch over their mother’s coffin for fifteen minutes in the evening. King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – all in uniform – gathered around the coffin, folded their hands and looked down. Many other members of the royal family also attended the vigil from a podium on the edge of Westminster Hall in Parliament, where the coffin has been set up since Wednesday night.

The vigil is reportedly the only occasion at the funeral ceremonies that Prince Andrew is allowed to wear a uniform. Earlier this year, the Queen stripped her second eldest son from all military ranks for his involvement in the abuse scandal involving the late American multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

After the queen’s four descendants took their places, visitors continued to stream through the medieval hall to pay their last respects to the monarch. In the evening the line stretched from Parliament over Lambeth Bridge and along the south bank of the Thames for about five miles to the Southwark district. The expected waiting time was estimated at a minimum of 22 hours. In view of the cool temperatures, they were asked to dress warmly.

There is also a royal wake on Saturday. Then the Queen’s grandchildren, Prince William’s heir to the throne, his brother Harry and their cousins ​​will watch over the coffin. Harry would then exceptionally be allowed to wear a military uniform. He had voluntarily abdicated from the inner circle of the royal family and had to relinquish his ranks as a result.

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