And who’s the mom this time?: Nick Cannon becomes a dad for the ninth time

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And who is the mother this time?
Nick Cannon father for the ninth time

As long as he knows his trade, it’s all good. However, everyone else should be confused by now when it comes to which offspring Nick Cannon has with which woman. It wasn’t until June that he was happy with his eighth child. Now offspring number nine follows.

American comedian Nick Cannon has become a father again. His ninth child was born on Wednesday. The 41-year-old announced this on his Instagram page.

He also revealed his daughter’s name: Onyx Ice Cole Cannon. “God has given me and Lanisha Cole the privilege of hosting an angel here on Earth,” Cannon writes of a black and white photo showing him in the hospital with Onyx and her mother, model Lanisha Cole.

“I promise to protect, nurture, guide and love this child as best I can,” he continued. “We all learn so much from these angels we call children. I learn that the problem is not the limited time we have on this planet, but the limited amount of love.” He “promises to love this little girl with all my heart no matter what anyone says.”

It’s Cole’s first child. In her Instagram story, the 40-year-old explains: “Today was such a special day for us. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to welcome Onyx Ice Cole Cannon into this world. The joy I feel as Feeling mom opened my heart in a whole new way forever. She’s surrounded by so much love and I’m obsessed with her!”

It wasn’t until the end of June that Nick Cannon became a father for the eighth time: his son goes by the resounding name Legendary Love. The mother, model Bre Tiesi, announced this on Instagram a month after the birth. Also in August, Nick Cannon announced on Instagram that he is expecting his next baby with model Brittany Bell. The two already have two children together, daughter Powerful Queen (1) and son Golden (5).

Nick Cannon has twins Moroccan and Monroe (11) with pop star Mariah Carey. In June 2021, DJ Abby De La Rosa also gave him the twins Zion and Zillion (1). De La Rosa is currently pregnant again, but so far she has not revealed who the father is. Cannon’s seventh child by Alyssa Scott, son Zen, died last December at just five months old from a brain tumor.

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