And she sings: Melanie Müller performs in Mallorca despite the scandal

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And yet she sings
Melanie Müller appears in Mallorca despite scandal

Melanie Müller said on Wednesday that she “wanted to retire a bit in the coming days” to recover from the excitement of her performance in Leipzig. But the break is not long. Now she appears twice in Mallorca again. That doesn’t help your credibility.

After the affair over alleged Nazi salutes at a concert in Leipzig, Ballermann singer Melanie Müller actually announced a break. But this didn’t last long. The 34-year-old performed twice in Mallorca on Friday evening, reports the “Mallorca Zeitung” (MZ) of the Spanish holiday island.

Just a few hours earlier, the police in Leipzig had announced the start of investigations. The aim is to determine whether Müller delivered the so-called Hitler salute at the concert in Leipzig in mid-September. Müller vehemently defends himself against the allegations, insisting that he has nothing to do with Nazis.

“Physically I’m pretty bad at the moment and will therefore withdraw a bit in the coming days, recover and try to process the whole thing,” the singer said on Instagram on Wednesday evening. She canceled a performance in Dresden scheduled for Wednesday. But in the early hours of Friday, at 12:33 p.m., she sang “Bolero” to about 300 visitors at Ballermann disco, reports an MZ reporter who was present. Then, at 2.30 am, Müller also appeared in the cult bar “Oberbayern”.

Performances without incident

In Mallorca, the former jungle queen and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner in the red-and-silver sequined dress did without her signature rousing arm movements and ‘Zicke Zacke’ calls. There have been no incidents. In addition, Müller again distanced himself from extreme right-wing ideology. The MZ analyzes that their credibility has “declined even more” by the performances shortly after announcing a rest break.

According to a police spokeswoman, the investigation against Müller “turns on the suspicion of the use of license plates of unconstitutional organizations under Article 86a of the Criminal Code”. Specifically, it concerns a video that was available for the newspaper “Bild”. Reportedly, the singer would raise her right arm a few times during a performance in mid-September.

Nazi salute or an innocent, encouraging gesture to the audience? Müller claimed on Instagram: “I have nothing to do with right-wing radicals or nationalist ideas. I condemn that in the strongest possible terms.” She’s been doing these hand movements for eleven years.

Another video of the same performance on September 17 in Leipzig also featured far-right statements from the audience. She was “dismayed and outraged,” Müller said. She canceled the performance. The police are also investigating in this case.

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