Amidst scolding and derision, Denise Dresser was kicked out of the march on October 2nd

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Denise Dresser was thrown out of the October 2 march by the same protesters (Photo: Screenshot)
Denise Dresser was thrown out of the October 2 march by the same protesters (Photo: Screenshot)

As part of the march on October 2, the political scientist performed Denise dresser Guerra was booed by the crowd and ran from the capital’s main square to the Zócalo in between shove and scream. At around 2 p.m., as protesters entered the constitutional esplanade, the academic was removed from the bid.

Various videos began to circulate on social networks, in which the academician was observed in the midst of people and was the target of shouting and insults. Between slogans like “Out“Y”dresser off‘ she was forced to leave the iron while being protected by a group of the contingent of mothers with missing children who hugged to resist the onslaught of the protesters.

The academic was accused participate “provoke”as well as from “Make fun of the fight”. Some of the shared video clips were accompanied by captions such as: “That he realizes that young people know what kind of person he is. He sticks to the movements for his own ends and to beat up the government.”

On the other hand, in other footage, a woman can be heard defending Dresser’s participation in the demonstration while embracing her: “We are seeking mothers, please. We come to seek our children, to demand justice,” while they chanted “Dresser out” around them in the background.

Dresser Guerra was helped by the same group accompanying her to leave the demonstration while receiving insults such as “What moral authority do you have?”, “Televisa out”, “Panista” and others “Mexico doesn’t love you.”

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