Américo Villarreal protested as the new governor of Tamaulipas

the brunette Américo Villarreal protested this Saturday October 1st like new constitutional governor of Tamaulipas during a solemn session of the local congress, where he was accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandezthe Prime Minister of Mexico City, Claudia Scheinbaumand the governor of the neighboring state of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia.

In the midst of a strong security installation where tanks guarded the headquarters of Congress victory cityVillarreal took the reins of government and immediately went to the government palace to formalize the appointments of his cabinet.

The ceremony also attracted particular interest if the outgoing governor attended the transfer of power, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vacawho finally did not participate, opened up speculation about his whereabouts, which could already be located in the USA.

The PRI MP, Alejandra CardenasHe was in charge of the protesting Américo Villarreal, 64 years old.

“We started this success story together with great enthusiasm and hope for a better Tamaulipas,” said the surgeon, who will now lead the state government.

The session was relatively calm, which contrasted with the strong unrest across the country in recent days, as it was not until Thursday that the Electoral Tribunal of the Federation Judiciary (TEPJF)), endorsed Villarreal’s electoral victory after the PAN’s challenges over alleged organized crime interference in the electoral campaigns in favor of the Morenista.

Later the new President will make an offer Speech at the Bicentennial Park Government Unit Fairgrounds in front of more than five thousand guests, where he is also accompanied by a dozen governors of Morena.

(Photo: Facebook Americo Villarreal)
(Photo: Facebook Americo Villarreal)

Before taking office in Tamaulipas, the Senator of Morena, Jose Narro Cespedes He ruled on PAN’s allegations in that unit, claiming that “the right is desperate and angry, but we are happy and happy. They have nothing more, much less credibility.”

“Let’s go out Victoria City, Tamaulipas to celebrate the victory with our friend and colleague Américo Villarreal, the next governor who will take office tomorrow as the state’s constitutional governor,” said the senator, who is also accused of having links to organized crime members in this border unit .

The controversy between Villarreal and Cabeza de Vaca The brunette reached new heights when the brunette denounced via her Twitter account that the outgoing governor was trying to sabotage his protest and was putting pressure on the judiciary to issue an arrest warrant, which is why Villarreal tried to return to his position as senator himself protect with constitutional jurisdiction.

The national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, warned that this Saturday, October 1, the PAN member could be a fugitive, since it must be remembered that he could be arrested without the jurisdiction of the Attorney General’s Office, which against he is investigating alleged responsibility in organized crime crimes.

In his final days as governor, Cabeza de Vaca traveled to Texas to hold working meetings with local U.S. authorities, but using the working meetings argument, the Morenoists indicated that he was actually plotting his escape route as the PAN member could take advantage of him dual nationality in order to protect himself in this country against a possible arrest warrant in Mexico.


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