After the scandal around Nazi slogans: Melanie Müller cancels her performance in Dresden

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After scandal over Nazi slogans
Melanie Müller cancels performance in Dresden

A video is currently circulating on social media in which the Majorcan singer Melanie Müller is surrounded by right-wing extremists. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old has distanced himself from their “Sieg Heil” calls. Now that’s why she cancels a gig.

After a questionable video recently circulated on social media, Melanie Müller has now canceled a concert scheduled for Wednesday evening, she says on Instagram. The Ballermann singer should have performed at an Oktoberfest party in Dresden.

The 34-year-old writes about a photo of himself in a dirndl: “After the reports of the past few days, it is important for me to clarify a few things presented in the press before going back to my fans in Dresden on the stage.” She distances herself from what happened at the performance in Leipzig and hopes “that I will have the opportunity to position myself publicly from a distance. But that takes time.” In the current situation, she “can’t get into a party mood that easily. There’s just too much room for that. The fact is: Nazis don’t belong in my audience.”

In the 25-second video circulating earlier, the former jungle queen can be seen on a small stage surrounded by men, some of whom raise their arms in a Hitler salute and shout “Sieg Heil.” According to RTL, these photos were taken at a private birthday party. There would also have been hooligans from football club Lokomotive Leipzig. Some of these hooligans are said to be close to the far-right milieu. The video does not show that Melanie Müller contradicts the people who call “Sieg Heil” or breaks off the performance.

“Condemn this in the strongest terms”

The reality star had previously distanced himself from the events. She was “appalled and outraged,” Müller said in an Instagram video. “I clearly want to distance myself from such people and ideas and I condemn them in the strongest possible terms.” She has nothing to do with Nazis and right-wing extremists.

At first she didn’t hear the calls. But then: “I noticed that radical right and National Socialist ideas were being shouted. I told them not to do that. (…) After two or three more songs I had to stop. I didn’t realize that Lok Leipzig was half hooligans, otherwise we would not have accepted the performance.”

Well-known partners in the neo-Nazi scene?

But Melanie Müller’s new partner should also be known in the scene, as RTL reporter who has long researched there reports: “Andreas Kunz has a wide corporate network. Some of them can be assigned to very shady companies. Example Asgaard – Security company that has repeatedly drawn attention to far-right activities.”

In addition, Kunz openly poses with the Hungarian right-wing populist Viktor Orbán. And: There are pictures of him and Melanie Müller. “That would be the ‘Sin City Boxing Gym’, which is known to belong to the far-right extremist scene in Leipzig. Everyone who associates with such people is deeply rooted in this scene,” continues the RTL editor.

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