After the Queen’s title is revoked: Danish princess is bullied at school

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After the Queen’s title was revoked
Danish princess is bullied at school

After the sudden withdrawal of the title by Queen Margrethe II, the young Danish royals are already feeling the consequences. Especially the youngest, Princess Athena, is having a hard time at school. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie make serious allegations against the palace.

The Danish royal family was deeply shocked by the decision to change the titles and forms of address of Prince Joachim’s children. The ten-year-old daughter, Princess Athena, who lives with her parents in Paris, is already feeling the serious consequences. “Athena is being bullied at school. They come and say, ‘Are you the one who isn’t a princess anymore?’” Princess Marie explained.

The change isn’t just about a title, Princess Marie continued: “We believe there are two serious things in this matter. The first is to change a child’s name. Athena and Henry of Denmark. Those are their names “, said Princess Marie, adding: “The second is: the children were shown to the public. It means that we as parents did not have time to prepare them for the change and for people’s reactions.”

This step would not have been agreed with those involved. Countess Alexandra von Frederiksborg, the ex-wife of Prince Joachim and mother of Princes Nikolai and Felix, told the Danish newspaper “BT”: “We are sad and in shock”.

Has the Queen given Prince Joachim a false plan?

Prince Joachim had previously stated that he had been notified just five days in advance, but the royals chief of communications, Lene Balleby, claimed the prince had been aware of the decision since May. However, Prince Joachim made it clear that this was not true. It was a very different plan presented to him in May. Namely that the children would lose the titles when they turned 25.

“I can say that my children are upset. My children don’t know which leg to stand on. What to believe. Why should their identity be stolen? Why should they be punished like this?” asked Joachim.

Only recently the Danish Queen Margrethe II announced via Instagram that the titles and forms of address of many family members will change from next year. The family branch of her youngest son Prince Joachim of Denmark and his wife Princess Marie of Denmark is affected. Both the couple and the children, Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena, may no longer be addressed as Prince or Princess from the beginning of 2023, but only with “Excellence”.

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