After performing at MTV Awards: Ex-sister-in-law calls Johnny Depp “disgusting”

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After appearing on MTV Awards
Ex-sister-in-law calls Johnny Depp ‘disgusting’

Johnny Depp’s self-mockery at the MTV Video Music Awards has caused confusion, but also irritation. The sister of his ex-wife Amber Heard does not leave a hair behind with the actor and those responsible for MTV on social media.

American actor Johnny Depp played a special role at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday. The actor’s face was projected onto the helmet of the astronaut, who has been MTV’s mascot for decades. “Hey, you know what? I needed the work,” said the 59-year-old. So while he was joking, his ex-wife Amber Heard’s sister found the performance nothing but funny.

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Johnny Depp irritated some with this performance, others apparently irritated.

(Photo: MTV)

Whitney Henriquez vented her anger via Instagram. In a story she wrote to the network, “MTV, you guys are rude and clearly desperate! I really hope none of the people who made this call have a daughter.”

To do this, she published a screenshot of the MTV logo from the awards ceremony and added a letter – that’s how “DVMAS” can be read. She is clearly referring to domestic violence as DVMAS is an acronym for “Domestic Violence Myth Acceptance Scale”. She captioned the whole thing with a photo of her sister and the caption, “I’m with Amber Heard.” The actress claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence during her marriage to Johnny Depp.

Bookable for birthdays

It was Johnny Depp’s first TV appearance in a long time. In a short monologue, he said that he could also be booked for birthdays. After the libel case against ex-wife Amber Heard, the Hollywood star now wants to revive his career. However, not all viewers were thrilled with Depp’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, some were annoyed on social media.

In early June, Johnny Depp won the lawsuit against his ex after about six weeks and Heard was awarded more than ten million dollars in damages. Depp has to pay her another two million dollars. The remaining 8.35 million was limited to five million due to local laws. Amber Heard has appealed the verdict.

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