After Nine Weeks: “Layla” Expelled From the Top of the Charts

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After nine weeks
“Layla” Expelled From the Top of the Charts

The song “Layla” caused controversy with its lewd lyrics. However, this does not detract from the success of the party hit. On the contrary: for nine weeks he was number one in the German single charts. But now “Layla” has to go.

The Ballermann rule has been broken: After nine weeks at the top of the official German singles charts, DJ Robin & Schürze’s “Layla” is no longer number one. The party song dropped to third place, GfK Entertainment announced.

Instead, Nina Chuba now takes the top spot for the first time with her song “Wildberry Lillet” – a song that combines pop, dancehall and rap. Meanwhile, the song “Wake Up at Night” by producers Miksu and Macloud and musician Makko rose again from third to second place.

summer hit of the year

The song “Layla” was released in March and initially became a hit with German Ballermann tourists in Mallorca. In Germany, however, the organizers of several folk festivals refused to play the song because of the lyrics “I’ve got a whorehouse and my whorehouse mom’s name is Layla, she’s pretty, younger, hornier”. This sparked a debate over allegations of sexism against the song and its creators.

However, this seemed to help rather than hurt the track’s success. On June 24, “Layla” climbed to number one on the charts and has remained there uninterrupted until now. GfK Entertainment therefore had to declare the song the official summer hit of 2022 at the end of July.

DJ Robin & Schürze have nothing to do with the album charts. Here are the top three spots all new to the rankings. In the foreground are hits by Giovanni Zarrella. On his album “Per semper” he reinterprets international hits in Italian. Zarrella was able to demote Madonna (“Finally Enough Love”) to second place and American band Five Finger Death Punch (“AfterLife”) to third place. Behind them are Rammstein (“Zeit”) and Andrea Berg (“I’d do it again”).

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