After Mirja Boes farewell: she becomes the new jury member at “Grill den Henssler”

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After farewell to Mirja Boes
She becomes the new jury member at “Grill den Henssler”

Mirja Boes lets her taste buds decide about 60 times in “Grill den Henssler”. But last Sunday, the comedian said goodbye to the cooking show. However, her successor has already been found: presenter Jana Ina Zarrella replaces her in the jury.

This position did not remain vacant for long: Jana Ina Zarrella replaces Mirja Boes as a jury member on the Vox show “Grill den Henssler” (also shown on RTL+). The 45-year-old presenter takes a seat alongside long-established gourmets Reiner Calmund and Christian Rach.

When Zarrella will make her debut and judge the dishes of Steffen Henssler and his prominent opponents for the first time, is also already certain. Vox announced that viewers can look forward to five new episodes of “Grill den Henssler” in the fall. As usual, the cooking show is moderated by Laura Wontorra.

“I love this show”

“I’m really looking forward to being on the jury at ‘Grill den Henssler’ – for Steffen Henssler, my jury colleagues, the featured guests and many great dishes,” Zarrella says about her new job. “I’ve had the privilege of being a guest three times myself and I love this show. It’s going to be exciting to be on the other side of the board.”


Has given up the cooking spoon: Mirja Boes.

(Photo: RTL / Frank W. Hempel)

The wife of singer Giovanni Zarrella, who has just conquered number one in the German album charts with “Per semper”, has a lot of cooking experience and a passion for good food. Together with top chef Johann Lafer, she has collected her favorite recipes in the cookbook “Casa Zarrella”.

150,000 calories

Last Sunday Mirja Boes celebrated her farewell to the jury at “Grill den Henssler”. Since 2019, the now 50-year-old has let her taste buds decide on the dishes of Henssler and his guests in about 60 programs. Leaving the show was not easy for her. She even fought back tears in front of the cameras.

“This is my 60th show. I ate 80,000 calories. If you add the eggnog we eat backstage, it’s even 150,000 calories. Well, I have to say goodbye to one thing – and eggnog is not possible.” , the comedian joked about her departure. But the real reason is that she wants to focus more on her live program in the future, which had to be postponed again and again due to the corona pandemic. “I have to get back on stage now,” said Boes.

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