After hard times: Selena Gomez enjoys life

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After hard times
Selena Gomez enjoys life

Apple plans to release a documentary about Selena Gomez soon. Now the streaming provider has released a trailer for “My Mind & Me”. In it, the 30-year-old talks about her mental health and how grateful she is that she is still alive.

“Just be yourself, Selena.” With these words, Selena Gomez opens the first full-length trailer for a new documentary, which airs on Apple TV+ from November 4. In “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me,” the singer-actress charts her journey and talks about mental health.

Advice and emergency help for people at risk of suicide and depression

In recent years, Gomez has spoken out about her physical and mental health. For example, the 30-year-old announced in 2015 that she had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus and that she suffered from depression and panic attacks as a result. In 2020, she spoke about her bipolar disorder for the first time. The musician has also long campaigned for greater acceptance of mental health in the public perception.

“It’s about who I am”

“No one cares what you do. It’s about who I am. I love where I am now. I’m thankful I’m still alive,” Gomez continues in the trailer. She has been working since she was a child. Growing up, she often felt like she wasn’t “good enough.”

She doesn’t want to be “super famous” and she is “obviously still here (…) to help others”. Everything she’s been through will still be there, but “I’m just going to make it my friend now.” The singer is now happier and more in control of her feelings and thoughts than ever before: “I know this is just the beginning for me.”

Recently, Selena Gomez also made it clear that the Justin Bieber chapter is long behind her. On Tiktok, she defended his wife Hailey Bieber, whom Gomez fans still accuse of stealing from her boyfriend, for which they shower her with hatred and malice online. “It’s not fair, no one should ever be spoken to in the way I’ve heard,” Gomez said in the video.

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