After concert cancellation: Matthias Reim reveals his diagnosis

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After cancellation of concerts
Matthias Reim reveals his diagnosis

The report makes you sit up just before the weekend and notice: Matthias Reim is being treated by a doctor for “serious problems” and therefore has to cancel a number of concerts. Now the singer explains his state of health.

An inflammation of his vocal cords has plagued Matthias Reim for a long time. However, now there were serious health problems, forcing the singer to undergo “intensive medical treatment” on Thursday evening. The organizer Semmel Concerts announced this – and got people to sit up.

After all, Reim does not only have to cancel all performances planned for September and October. The concert promoter’s statement that the 64-year-old had “serious problems” that “require long-term treatment and will last several weeks” also sparked speculation about Reim’s true condition.

The singer has now put an end to this himself by answering questions from the newspaper “Bild” about his health condition. “I have a strong burnout problem,” Reim told the newspaper. And further: “I’m sorry to my audience, my musicians, my tour operator and all the collaborators on my tour – but I have to cancel all scheduled performances for the next two months.”

“We’re catching up”

The paper also quotes a friend of the musician who is not mentioned by name: “Matthias is in a state of physical and mental exhaustion. He has simply worked too much and now needs a longer break.”

According to information from the newspaper “Bild”, Reim recently suffered from a feeling of weakness and exhaustion. A holiday on Lake Como in Italy with his 26-year-old son Julian should help at the start of the week, but fell short. Instead, Reim collapsed on Thursday evening while visiting a doctor in southern Germany.

Doctors advised Reim to stay out of the spotlight for at least two months, they said. At first it was still open whether the singer “Damn, I love you” could recover at home on Lake Constance or whether it was better to go to a clinic.

Apparently Reim finds it difficult to accept the forced break. In any case, he is already looking ahead. “I’m going to do everything I can to be completely fit again in two months,” he says in the “Bild” interview. “We will catch up with everything”, he also promises his fans in view of the concerts that have now been cancelled.

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