After 25 years together: has Stallone’s wife filed for divorce?

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After 25 years together
Has Stallone’s wife filed for divorce?

Since the Rocky actor replaced a tattoo of his wife’s face with a photo of his dog, there are rumors of a wedding at Stallone’s house. The actor recently denied that. Sources now report that Jennifer Flavin has already filed for divorce.

Are the rumors about the marriage of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin true? According to Page Six and TMZ, 54-year-old Flavin has officially filed for divorce. Accordingly, the former model filed the papers with Palm Beach County on August 19, after 25 years of marriage. The 76-year-old actor made a statement through a spokeswoman available to TMZ: “I love my family. We are addressing these personal issues amicably and privately.”

As “TMZ” also reports, wealth distribution also seems to be a problem. Accordingly, Flavin should demand that Stallone be denied access to the joint fortune with immediate effect. Only in this way, according to the divorce papers, can the common money be divided fairly. There is no official confirmation yet.

Tattoo already covered with his wife

The rumor mill about a possible marriage has been simmering for a long time. The Hollywood star recently had a large tattoo edited on his right shoulder, a portrait of his wife. Meanwhile, the face of the dog Butkus from the movie “Rocky” can be seen there. A spokeswoman for Stallone explained the move, saying the actor wanted to have his wife’s tattoo redone, but it didn’t look appealing and ended up having to have it completely covered.

An Instagram post from Flavin also recently caused observers to sit up and take notice. She captioned a photo with her daughters on August 10: “The girls are my priority. Nothing else matters. We celebrate forever.” In addition, Flavin has not been following the actor for a few days.

Stallone and Falvin married in 1997. They have three daughters together: Sophia (25), Sixtine (24) and Scarlet (20). Stallone himself had flatly denied rumors of a split with the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. There are no problems in his relationship with Falvin, he assured.

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