“Afraid of eating me to death”: Menowin Fröhlich weighs 160 kilograms

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“Afraid to eat me to death”
Menowin Fröhlich weighs 160 kilograms

He himself speaks of a “life-threatening” situation: Menowin Fröhlich has won a lot lately. The 34-year-old now weighs 160 kilograms. The singer fears for his health and wants to make serious changes quickly.

Singer Menowin Fröhlich is currently seriously overweight. With a height of 1.73 meters, the former “DSDS” participant weighs almost 160 kilograms. Too much, as Fröhlich said in an interview with RTL. “Sometimes I’m afraid of just falling over,” admitted the 34-year-old. He even describes his physical condition as “life-threatening”.

During his last visit to the doctor, the doctor was shocked by Fröhlich’s values. “I have a body mass index of 54 (normal is 18 to 25) and blood sugar levels that are way too high. It’s all very dangerous.” At the beginning of last year, the singer weighed 90 kilograms and was in good shape. “But then I twisted my ankle and tore a ligament,” the 34-year-old continued. As a result, he could no longer move properly and sports were no longer possible. Then “he just lay around and ate”.

According to him, being overweight affects his daily life. He is constantly “tired and broken”. Fröhlich also admitted, “I can’t even play well with my kids or tie my shoes.” His wife Senay is also not happy with his weight. “What woman would want such a fat man next to her?”

To change weight, the father of six will soon have gastric sleeve surgery – part of the stomach will be removed. Fröhlich sees no other option: “If I didn’t have surgery now, I would eat myself to death.” His goal: 90 kilograms. According to the doctors, he could already weigh 10 to 15 kilos less a month after the operation.

The operation was actually scheduled for August 28, but had to be postponed due to low blood sugar. The singer has to be in the hospital for a few more days before he can go under the knife. Otherwise there is a risk of thrombosis or embolism. “In the worst case, I can bleed to death during the operation,” Fröhlich said.

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