According to experts, what are the benefits of Yerba Santa?

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The Health Benefits of Yerba Santa (Photo: Twitter/@Samanta_Helou)
The Health Benefits of Yerba Santa (Photo: Twitter/@Samanta_Helou)

Out of Mexico and other countries from Americathe holy herb, also called momo, is one of the top 7 of the medicinal plants of the country acc Minister for Environment and Natural Resourcesas it is not only aromatic for edible use but also has medicinal properties.

This natural specimen is known in many ways, such as: B. acuyo, yerba santa, holy leaf, tlanepa, alajá, momo, holy pepper or named scientifically Piper Auritum, It was discovered around 1815 Xalapa, Veracruz.

Corresponding Institute of Ecology (INECOL) It has been used in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times as an element to perfume chocolate, flavor food, and as a medicine, since the Spanish priests gave it its name holy herb for its impressive properties.

It should be noted that the plant is rich in vitamins A and Bas well as in calcium Y iron. This serves as a remedy for skin problems such as scarring, it can also relieve muscle inflammation, rheumatic pains and headaches.

Likewise, the sacred herb contains beneficial elements that can help reduce fever and kidney inflammation, relieve stomach pain, prevent indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and breathing difficulties.

It can relieve bronchitis and cough, it is also used for stress and insomnia as it is a natural relaxant. A curious fact about this plant is that its aroma is due to a compound called safrolethe same as some root beers.

An article from Center for Research in Nutrition and Development (CIAD) He pointed out that its use has been documented to treat problems related to ailments of the female body, such as inflammation or infection of the uterus, as well as with breastfeeding.

Likewise it can be used Treatment of snake bites, colic and burns. One of the contradictions is that it has been discovered that consumption of sacred herbs can induce spontaneous abortions.

Yerba Santa has anti-inflammatory properties (Photo: Twitter/@RanchoGordo)
Yerba Santa has anti-inflammatory properties (Photo: Twitter/@RanchoGordo)

As for its chemical properties, one finds the content of phytochemicals such as phenolic acids, which serve to protect DNA and act as an antioxidant. It also contains flavonoids that have effects antispasmodic, antiulcer Y antiphlogistic; and finally essential oils.

One of the medicinal plants of Mexico that has properties similar to the sacred herb is the guava leaf..

According to an article by Dr. Francesco Aedo at the place Elaesi of integrative medicine, the sacred herb can be easily found wild in temperate or tropical areas such as: Morelos, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Hidalgo, and Quintana Roo.

Its leaves are large, heart-shaped and membraned, typically measuring around 25 centimetres, and this natural specimen has a flavor similar to aniseed, allowing it to be taken as a tea, infusion or in capsules.

If you suffer from diarrhea, stomach or sore throat, you can prepare a medicinal herbal tea in addition to the other symptoms and problems mentioned, which will help against the symptoms.

Sacred Herbal Tea (Photo: Twitter/@pavellopezgomez te)
Sacred Herbal Tea (Photo: Twitter/@pavellopezgomez te)

1. Put a leaf in a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes.

2. Let it cool and drink it, you can accompany it with some honey and preferably do not use sugar so that the effect is better.

Before taking this kind of natural remedies it is necessary consult a doctor for any contradiction, since it is not recommended for pregnant women to avoid the risk of miscarriage.


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