A star that bears her name: Avril Lavigne lounges on the “Walk of Fame”

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A star that bears her name
Avril Lavigne Slouching on the “Walk of Fame”

It is already the 2,731st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But for Avril Lavigne, it’s something very special – her name is on it, after all. And so it’s one of the “coolest” days of her life for the Canadian singer when the plaque is unveiled.

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne fell to the floor in Hollywood to thunderous applause from fans. The 37-year-old leaned into photographers’ flashlights on her newly unveiled star plaque on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.”

At age 16, she attended the “Walk of Fame” on her first trip to Los Angeles, the singer reported. She had just graduated from high school. She never thought she would be immortalized in Hollywood. It was probably one of the “coolest” days of her life.

Lavigne posted a photo of her first Walk of Fame visit, donning a hoodie she wore when she was 16. She proudly referred to the hoodie that read “Skateboarding is not a crime.” At the time, that matched the image of the untamed skate punk girl, who caused a furore with songs like “Sk8er Boi”.

Machine Gun Kelly is excited about her


Machine Gun Kelly had praise for her.

(Photo: IMAGO/UPI photo)

As a teenager, Lavigne left her home in a small Canadian town to make music first in New York and then in Los Angeles. In 2002, the then 18-year-old conquered the charts with her debut album “Let Go” and the single “Complicated”. She has released seven studio albums to date, including this year’s Love Sux. According to the “Walk of Fame” operator, she has sold nearly 50 million albums.

As a guest speaker, rapper Machine Gun Kelly revealed that Lavigne inspired him and an entire generation of young people with her rebellious songs. He is a big fan of her music and her “strong” voice. “Your songs will last us a lifetime,” said Lavigne’s rapper friend and partner of actress Megan Fox.

Time-out due to Lyme disease

Lavigne temporarily withdrew from the public eye in 2014 due to severe Lyme disease. In 2019, the singer and songwriter returned with the album “Head Above Water”.

In April, Lavigne announced her engagement to American rapper and punk rocker Mod Sun. She met the musician, whose real name is Dylan Smith, in 2021 while recording songs together. Lavigne has already had two marriages. She was married to Canadian musician Deryck Whibley from 2006 to 2010. In 2015, after two years of marriage, she divorced Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger.

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