A Saudi fighter makes Jiu-Jitsu history

A Saudi fighter makes Jiu-Jitsu history

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Dina Elias of Saudi Arabia has just made history by winning gold in a jiu-jitsu tournament.

Mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu are practiced all over the world. At the highest levels, more and more tournaments are fighters from all over the world. Jiu-Jitsu originated in Japan and Brazil, but now tournaments are popping up everywhere and the sport’s popularity is catching up with MMA.

Jiu-jitsu athletes are beginning to find the kind of fame that mixed martial arts has and financial success as well. There are more crossovers between the two sports than ever before and even Hollywood actors have taken to the mats to compete.

Many jiu-jitsu competitions take place in Abu Dhabi, from elite athletes to beginners. Most recently, there was the AJP Tour Asia Continental Pro Championship in Abu Dhabi. During this event, an athlete was able to get a gold medal and make history at the same time.

“In an unprecedented historic achievement. First female gold medal,” the Saudi Jiu-Jitsu Federation wrote.

Female fighter representing Saudi Arabia won gold in Jiu-Jitsu

Dina Elias became the first Saudi woman to win gold in international jiu-jitsu competition at the AJP Tour Asia Continental Pro Championship. The victory came in the under 95 kilogram division, blue belt category. Results via Arab News.

Other Saudi athletes who have won medals include:

  • Abdullah Ndaa with a silver medal in the under 62 kg and under 16 category.
  • Faros Majid with bronze in the under 94 kg (purple) category.
  • Badi Idris with bronze in the under 81 kg and under 18 section.
  • Haya Al-Sheikh with bronze in the under 70 kg division (blue)

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