A new one for the Kolle-Kiez: Patrick Fernandez takes out GZSZ . mixed together

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A new one for the Kolle-Kiez
Patrick Fernandez gets GZSZ . mixed together

Some – like Eva Mona Rodekirchen aka Maren Seefeld – go. The others are coming: actor Patrick Fernandez will soon be hired as one of the main characters in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. He already has experience as a telenovela star in Mexico.

The ensemble of “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (GZSZ) will receive reinforcements from the autumn. Patrick Fernandez takes on a leading role in the successful format and according to RTL will certainly “melt some hearts in Kolle-Kiez”.

The 37-year-old has been seen in various roles in Mexico for years. With his commitment to GZSZ, “a boyhood dream is now coming true”, the actor says enthusiastically in an interview with the broadcaster. What role he will embody and when exactly he will make his way to the Kolle-Kiez is not yet certain.

Between Berlin and Mexico

Fernandez was born in Berlin in 1985. He grew up there too. However, his second home is Mexico. It is said that he has now spent about half of his life there. The German-Mexican started acting before successfully completing his training as an actor. “After that followed an acting and media career and various roles in telenovelas in Mexico,” reports the new face of GZSZ.

Fernandez played in telenovelas for a total of ten years. After that, he had a “minor identity crisis” and just moved to the Mexican city of Cancún, he reveals. “In 2015 I came to Germany for a movie – behind the camera.”

According to Fernandez, his first “German experience” in front of the camera was “Hotel Heidelberg”. In it he played the chef John Lindquist in 2019. After that, he was featured in the ZDF movie “Ein Sommer in Andalusia” in 2020.

Privately he is happily married

Fernandez would cause a sensation in Kolle-Kiez. Privately, however, he has been happily married for “seven years”, the actor reveals.

While Fernandez looks forward to his new role, GZSZ fans should also prepare for a farewell. At the beginning of this week, Eva Mona Rodekirchen announced after about twelve years to give up her role as Maren Seefeld. The last episode with her is already on September 15th. However, Rodekirchen did not rule out a later comeback.

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