A judge in Colombia has been sanctioned for returning money confiscated from a former congressman under investigation for parapolitics

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Yahir Acuña, picture by colprensa
Yahir Acuña, picture by colprensa

Yahir Acuña is a controversial politician who was a former congressman, is currently a member of parliament from Sucre and is also under investigation for parapolitics, but this time the focus of the news is not on him but on Judge Roger Emilio Hernández, who received a sanction for accusing him had given a hefty sum of money which was confiscated from the accused.

It was indicated by the National Judicial Discipline Commission that Judge Hernández, in charge of the court, delivered 2 of Sincelejo’s guarantees $487 million to Sucre deputy. This sum of money has been seized since 2015 and was the subject of investigations by the Seventh Prosecutor of the Directorate for Combating Drugs and Money Laundering.

Without the need to transfer judicial autonomy, Roger Hernández has committed a breach of his functional duties by ignoring the status of the confiscated money and the prosecutor’s request to keep it under the need and investigations for some alleged criminals and the lines of to carry out investigations that complemented each other and could determine the origin of the resources‘ stated the National Commission.

The judge in charge of Sincelejo’s Guarantee Court should be fined two months of his salary for favoring the politician identified for parapolitics.

It should be remembered that when Yahir Acuña was captured and his wife stated that the money confiscated was the result of the sale of land he owned: an apartment in Sincelejo for $100 million and a 19 hectare one Farm in Chinú (Cordoba). Change of 400 million pesos.

On further information from the representative of Sucre: Former Congressman and Sucre Department MP Yahir Acuña did not like comments made in late September by Chamber representative for Bogotá Catherine Juvinao that linked him to crimes such as links to paramilitary groups and corruption.

Comments by the Green Alliance Congressmen referred to the eventual appointment of Alexandra Falla to the Deputy Ministry for ICT Transformation, a portfolio already heavily questioned in the wake of the Population Centers scandal, a concession one Advance payment of 70 billion pesos Installing internet in rural areas and has never been done. Minister Karen Abudinen was forced to resign following the scandal surrounding the contract, which should have benefited 1.3 million children living in the area.

Through his Twitter account, Juvinao sent messages like “The ICT Vice Ministry would be handed over to one of the politicians most frequently questioned about corruption in Sucre: Yahir Acuna. Candidate would be Alexandra Falla, who asked for support from the U-Bank at a meeting of the Bankers’ Club. They will have a budget of 400 billion”.

In addition, the representative made an application reserved to the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petroprevent the ICT Department’s Deputy Department of Transformation from remaining in the hands of a former congressman who is being heavily questioned over corruption and alleged links to paramilitarism in the region. This is NOT a change“.

“Then it wasn’t enough with the 70,000 billion raised in the past Government from the Ministry of ICT? How can one even think of giving Yahir Acuña a deputy duty? are we blind No sir! I ask you to avoid this, President Gustavo Petro,” he said.

Finally, Juvinao strongly pointed out: “Nobody who has the support of Yahir Acuña can reach a high position in Gustavo Petro’s government. Forgive me but excuse me. The country’s positions are NOT handed over to quotas of politicians with various questions about alleged corruption and paramilitarism.

Faced with this situation, Acuña made the decision to file a guardianship lawsuit, a criminal complaint to the Supreme Court and a disciplinary complaint to the Attorney General’s Office, alleging that the Bogotá representative is infringing on his right to a good reputation. He also sent a request to retract his statements to his institutional email account, which Juvinao did not respond to.


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