A former police chief sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption in China

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A former top Chinese police official was given a suspended death penalty commuted to life imprisonment on Friday for corruption, a court said in a decision that followed a string of similar sentences this week.

Sun Lijun, 53, is a former vice minister of public security. At his trial in July he pleaded guilty and his name was mentioned on many counts.

His death sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment after two years of imprisonment, the people’s court in Changchun, capital of northeastern Jilin Province, said in a statement.

Chinese authorities announced several sentencing of senior officials this week ahead of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) congress in mid-October, at which President Xi Jinping hopes to win a third term as head of the political organization.

Sun Lijun “used” the various positions he held between 2001 and 2020 to “help” individuals and companies circumvent the law through compensation, the court said on Friday.

He received bribes totaling 646 million yuan, or about $91 million, directly or through his associates.

His crimes were “particularly serious” and “caused significant losses to the interests of the country and the people,” said the court, which ordered the confiscation of all his personal property.

At least a million and a half people have been sanctioned during the current anti-corruption campaign launched by Xi Jinping after he came to power in 2013.

On Thursday, a former Chinese justice minister and senior police official, Fu Zhenghua, 67, was sentenced to a suspended death sentence, commuted to life imprisonment, for taking $16.65 million in bribes.


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