4.1 magnitude earthquake with epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán

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A magnitude 4.1 earthquake was recorded near Coalcomán at 19:06 local time (0:06 UTC) today, the National Seismological Service (SSN) reported.

According to preliminary information, the epicenter of the quake was 68 km southwest of the city in the state of Michoacán and had a depth of 16 km.

In the event of significant seismic activity, the The National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred) urges people not to fall for rumors or fake news and only seek information from official sourcessuch as the civil protection agencies, both at the local and state as well as at the federal level.

after an earthquake, Check your home in search of possible damage, Use your phone only in emergencies, do not light matches or candles until you are sure there is no gas leakage and remember this Earthquake aftershocks may occurso it’s important to be vigilant.

You can also take the following measures before an earthquake: Create a disaster preparedness plan, organize evacuation drills, find safe zones at home, at school or at work and prepare a emergency backpack.

during an earthquake Remain calm and in a safe place, stay away from objects that may fall; if in a vehicle, park and move away from buildings, trees, and poles; and if you are on the coast, stay away from the beach and seek refuge in higher ground.

📷 (Illustration: Jovani Pérez/Infobae)

Tremors in Mexico

This is not the first time Mexico has suffered such an onslaught of nature. Due to its geographical location, it is constantly at risk of witnessing these events. Thus, in 1985 and 2017, seismic movements occurred that wreaked tremendous destruction on the nation. Although these two are the best known today, they are not the largest in the area.

That strongest earthquake since records began In the history of contemporary Mexico, the March 28, 1787, at the time of the Spanish colony. Its epicenter was in Oaxaca and it had a magnitude of 8.6. This not only made the earth vibrate in an incredible way, but even created a tsunami that reached up to 6 kilometers inland.

According to data from the Center for Instrumentation and Seismic Recording (Cires) conducted in 2009 on the above earthquake, there is a possibility of a recurrence of events above this magnitude. It is estimated that they may occur in the years to come. Its epicenter is calculated on the coasts of Mexico and Central America, since these are located in the so-called Guerrero Gap. This area is characterized by the accumulation of a large amount of geological energy.

Earthquakes like that on this day are reminiscent of Mexicans the worst memories of the 1985 and 2017 earthquakeswhen all of Mexico City and other states were paralyzed by the shocking consequences each left behind.

As for the year 1985, it occurred on September 19 of that year at 7:19 a.m. local time (13:19 UTC) with its epicenter in the state of Guerrero and a magnitude of 8.2. Since then it was believed that something like this would not happen again, but coincidentally it happened again exactly 32 years later.

The 2017 was recorded at 1:14 p.m. local time (18:30 UTC) with an epicenter on the borders of Puebla and Morelos states, leaving a tally of 369 deaths in the center of the country.




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