£2,500 for a Corgi: The Queen’s Favorite Dogs Hit Top Price

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2500 pounds for a corgi
The Queen’s Favorite Dogs Win Top Prizes

Many of the Queen’s official photos also featured her short-legged, pointy-eared dogs. Elizabeth II was especially fond of corgis, she even had her own kennel. After the death of the queen, the dog breed is more popular than ever.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, prices for the Queen’s favorite dogs have skyrocketed. “Prices charged by registered Corgi breeders hit a new high today,” said Pets4Homes. The prices were therefore twice as high as three days earlier. For one of the small sheepdogs, more than 2,500 pounds (2795 euros) was needed.

Corgi had accompanied the queen from an early age. She had bred corgis herself, but gave up this hobby a few years ago. The mostly sandy-colored, short-legged dogs with their thick fur and pointed ears were often seen in official photos of the British Queen. “The Queen was, among many other things, a world-renowned dog lover and truly symbolized the love and affection our country has for its dogs,” said Kennel Club boss Mark Beazley.


Elizabeth II with her dogs in May 1973

(Photo: photo alliance / dpa)

Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96 after 70 years on the British throne. Her lavishly celebrated state funeral took place last Monday. After the Queen’s death, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, known as “Fergie”, took over their dogs. There are four in total: Muick, Sandy, Candy, and Lissy.

The Queen’s love for corgis, officially Welsh Corgi Cardigan, goes back to Susan, a dog her parents gave her for her 18th birthday. Susan was even allowed to honeymoon. The Queen began breeding with Susan, whose last offspring, Willow, died in 2018.

Not everyone around her shared her enthusiasm for Corgis: The breed is known for being confident with a tendency to bite, as many staff members of the Queen’s palaces have painfully experienced over the years. Many guests were able to sing a song about the aggressiveness of the animals. The queen was also bitten in the hand.

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