23-year-old winemaker from Baden: this is Germany’s new wine queen

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23-year-old winemaker from Baden
This is Germany’s new wine queen

Recognizing wines by their taste and being quick to understand – these are some of the qualities of a true wine queen. This year, 23-year-old Katrin Lang from Baden will receive the industry crown. She defeated four competitors in the final.

The new German wine queen is Katrin Lang and comes from the Baden wine-growing region in Baden-Württemberg. The 23-year-old triumphed in the final in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in the Palatinate against four competitors from Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt. “I dedicate the crown to my home country of Baden and my family – and to my grandmother, who helped me in viticulture,” the winemaker said after her victory. As the 74th German wine queen, she represents approximately 15,000 German winegrowers.

In the name of the vine, the sector’s main ambassador attends numerous appointments abroad over the course of a year. Lang replaces the previous “First Lady of Vine Juice” Sina Erdrich, who is also from the Baden wine-growing region.

“My grandmother used to tell me as a child: now you come with me to the vines,” Lang said after receiving the queen’s crown in the confetti rain. “I don’t think I’ll realize that until I see the crown in the morning.” The candidates formed a great team. “I would have given it to anyone,” Lang said.

Blindly recognize the type of wine

For more than 700 guests in the Saalbau, a jury and for the first time the public chose 25-year-old Juliane Schäfer from the Rheinhessen wine-growing region and 22-year-old Luise Böhme from the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region as wine princesses. Among other things, the five candidates had to recognize wine types in a blind tasting and show wit. In the battle for the crown, Mariella Cramer and Sophia Hanke lost.

The German wine queen has been promoting the industry since 1949. Until 1999, the candidates had to be single and come from a family of winegrowers. There are a total of 13 wine-growing regions in Germany. “With Katrin Lang, the jury and viewers have made an excellent choice for the German wine industry,” said Malu Dreyer, Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. “We are delighted that with Juliane Schäfer as princess, a woman from Rhineland-Palatinate has also been selected as a wonderful representative for German wine in the world.”

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